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For biohackers who put grass fed butter and MCT oil in their coffee instead of milk and cream. For people who eat a healthy high fat diet for sustained weight loss and better health. For people who want cutting edge supplements.

Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle Reviews

A major component to making the ultimate cup of coffee, is to use good water. Filtered water is ideal. This is to try keep a consistent flavor to your coffee. Then there is the question: “What is the best way to heat the water for your coffee?” This is where the type of kettle youContinue Reading

Free Shipping on Upgraded Self For Standard US Orders (Limited Time)

To celebrate the Bulletproof Exec Facebook fan page reaching over 60 thousand likes Dave has lets us fans get a special discount. This offer will expire midnight EST on Tuesday 15 April 2014. So if you need to stock on Bulletproof® Coffee supplies now is a good time to shop at the Upgraded™ Self onlineContinue Reading

Most Advanced Aeropress Brewing Method You’ve Never Seen

Being a fellow coffee lover I’m sure you appreciate precise, detailed coffee brewing methods. Maybe you love making your Bulletproof® Coffee with an aeropress. Then you need to watch this video on what hacking the aeropress looks like. Expert Level Aeropress Brewing Technique Video Highlights: Stainless steel aeropress filter Custom-made wooden brewbar powered by gas strutsContinue Reading

Speciality Coffee: Living the Coffee Culture From Roast to Cup

When you only want to drink gourmet coffee or speciality coffee you have just joined millions of other coffee fans who take joy in experiencing the best taste of coffee. However sipping the flavors of a single origin or a medium roast blend is one part to the coffee culture. In the following video isContinue Reading

How to Store Upgraded Coffee Beans Correctly

For the best results when making a cup of Bulletproof Coffee, or in fact any speciality coffee, you will want to store any coffee beans correctly to keep them fresh. When you grind fresh coffee beans you get the maximum flavor from your coffee bean investment. So say you have just received delivery of yourContinue Reading

Keep Bulletproof Coffee Warmer for Longer Using BODUM Insulated Glassware

When you start making Bulletproof® Coffee you will want to enjoy the experience. Blending grassfed butter and MCT oil all together with a high quality coffee like Upgraded™ Coffee beans makes an awesome hot coffee beverage. One way to optimise your coffee experience is to drink coffee at the right temperature. That means trying notContinue Reading

What Does The First and Second Crack Sound in Coffee Roasting Mean?

As you get deeper into the coffee culture and lifestyle, you naturally will want to start expanding your coffee language skills away from just knowing the difference between a cappuccino, espresso and americano, to saying things like: “When did you roast the coffee?” and “Did you roast it to first crack or second crack?”. EachContinue Reading

Bulletproof Coffee Fans Mug Art

Bulletproof® Coffee is changing the world. People from all around the globe are biohacking their morning cup of coffee. It has brought together all kinds of individuals, from different backgrounds, who as a collective, can’t help but to get excited to share how they like to make their Bulletproof® Coffee in the morning. Thank-you DaveContinue Reading

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee with Aeropress Metal Filters

Fans of Bulletproof Coffee like to brew their favorite type of Upgraded™ coffee beans, in many different ways. The normal, recommended, coffee brewing method from Dave Asprey, is the French Press Method. Dave has mentioned before in the Bulletproof Coffee recipe, how you should to try avoid using a paper filter when making coffee, asContinue Reading

Grammy Award Nominee Ed Sheeran Drinks Bulletproof Coffee

Ed Sheeran is a UK born singer and songwriter who was nominated for Best New Artist at the 56th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in 2014. Ed was being interviewed at this annual music industry awards, which is like the Oscars for musicians. You’ll hear a positive review from Ed about how he gets excited about drinkingContinue Reading