Bulletproof Coffee: The Best Butter Coffee In The World

Logo for fans of Dave Asprey's famous coffeeLast Update May 16th 2016 Welcome to the unofficial Bulletproof® Coffee fans website, for health conscious people who like to put grass fed butter, or ghee, in their coffee.

Yes, putting butter in coffee on purpose.

They do this because they care about their overall health both in mental and physical performance. You will find people from all around the world drinking this special type of special, health coffee everyday.

You can get yourself the authentic and original bag of Upgraded™ Bulletproof® coffee beans made using the Bulletproof Process™. Be sure to get the real thing to get the real experience talked about by Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive and mastermind behind the creation of this new worldwide low carb high fat diet health craze.

There is more to biohacking than just drinking good, high quality healthy coffee. There are loads of other amazing health related gadgets and products that Dave personally uses on himself. These health optimization foods, supplements, accessories and technology tools are all available for you to buy from the official online store. PLUS we help you save money when using one of the coupons for Bulletproof.com from here.

The concept of biohacking is why someone might put real butter and MCT oil in their coffee instead of milk or cream. The quest to test what makes humans work at their best both physically and mentally.

How to Make The REAL Bulletproof Coffee

Upgraded Coffee
This Awesome Head of Foam was Made using Butter not Milk
  • Is it ok to use organic coconut oil?
  • Can you use ghee instead of butter?
  • Is margarine the same as butter?

These are common questions for anyone new to starting out on their biohacking journey. Don’t worry on you will find tons of helpful videos and tips on how to make your coffee, or even a cup of tea, taste the official Bulletproof® way.

What is the secret to the best cup of coffee you have ever had? Making it right the first time you get to drink it and every time you make it thereafter.

It doesn’t matter if you are just a newbie, or even a veteran butter coffee maker, it is important to use the right ingredients and the correct coffee brewing method. This is the detail that goes into the Bulletproof® coffee recipe.

Find out important information like: why you should only be using freshly ground Upgraded™ mold toxin free coffee beans, why using MCT oil (Bulletproof XCT oil) is amazing for weight loss and increasing energy, why you should only use unsalted grass-fed butter or ghee, why blending your hot coffee makes all the difference vs using a spoon for mixing.

Grass Fed Butter

The secret to making an awesome cup of coffee is about trying to source the best products available.

Bulletproof Fans love buying tons of natural butter from recommended dairy producers and manufacturers like: Kerrygold butter made in Ireland, Anchor butter made in New Zealand or raw French butters.

When buying a bag of ground coffee look for premium, single-origin, South American, high altitude grown, wet processed, mycotoxin tested coffee beans.

Have you heard what are mycotoxins? These are common food poisons that come from mold (fungi). The mold produces spores that can have devastating health side effects. Basically, mycotoxins are not good for us at all and are best avoided. They are a BIG reason Dave feels that using bad coffee beans could rob you of having a great day or feeling optimal mental performance. Brain fog anyone?

Most Popular Bulletproof.com Online Store Products

Upgraded Self Online Store
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By far the most popular Upgraded™ Self products purchased by newcomers and regulars to this website every month are any of the multiple Bulletproof® Coffee Kits available.

All you need to do is order yourself a monthly kit then make sure you have ample supply of your own grass-fed butter or ghee in order to complete the daily ritual of drinking a cup of java.

In this special coffee kit package deal you will receive:

  • Two 12 oz. bags of caffeinated or decaf Upgraded™ Bulletproof® coffee beans
  • One 32 oz. bottle of XCT or Brain Octane oil

This particular combo deal is designed to give you both maximum enjoyment and maximum savings. You are going to be brewing your daily morning cup of coffee to help produce short and long-term health benefits. You might as well get the discounted price option to optimize your wallet too 😉

Bulletproof Coffee Reviews

Read below just a tiny fraction of the many positive testimonials/reviews/opinions from other people who started drinking a daily cup of this new type of low carbohydrate healthy high fat coffee.

Personal testimonial about why other coffee is nasty
Doctor Rakesh Patel uses butter in coffee help patients lose weight
How Matt used it to help focus, get six pack abs again and be able to do weight training no problems

A High Fat – Low Carb Diet for Helping Weight Loss

Listen to Dave Asprey in the following youtube video where he explains why he invented his form of butter coffee. He explain how it all began and his reasons during this radio interview with TV, MMA celebrity and comedian, Joe Rogan.

You will get to hear the answers to common questions like: “Is the Bulletproof® diet paleo or not?”, “What are the benefits of this type of coffee?” plus more about Dave’s other daily, weekly and monthly routines and biohacker lifestyle habits.

Dave Asprey selfie picture showing he built muscle on a hig calorie ketogenic diet

An ordinary day in the life of the Bulletproof Executive typically involves multiple biohacking n=1 experiments.

The aim is to:

  • Improve brain function,
  • Manage weight loss,
  • Build muscle easily,
  • Sleep better,
  • Feel happier and,
  • Get to live life to its fullest potential.

Here is a photo of one of Dave’s diet experiments where he was eating an average of over 4000 calories of food per day, sleeping less than 5 hours per night and still ended up looking lean with a six pack of muscle.

Buy Bulletproof.com Store Products Online

Now it is time for you to get stuck in and start experimenting with all these new and cool, innovative health ideas on yourself.

There are both many simple and advanced biohacking tools available. It all depends on your needs.

It is best to start your journey to better health by simply drinking a cup of Bulletproof® Coffee made the right way.

Then you can progress into other biohacks like:

  • Following the Bulletproof® Diet infographic,
  • Eating high quality proteins like Upgraded™ Whey and Upgraded™ Collagen,
  • Using various detox supplements like Upgraded™ Glutathione,
  • Trying out a brain nootropic like Alpha Brain™ from Onnit or CILTEP®,
  • Exercising in the least amount of time per week with a whole body vibration plate,
  • Just looking like a real biohacker with a Bulletproof® T-shirt or travel coffee mug.

Step inside the complete online store here.

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Here’s to wishing you all the best in your health journey.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂