Bulletproof Tea Recipe

bulletproof teaLast Update May 16th 2016 If you are not a coffee drinker, for whatever reason, and prefer to drink a cup of tea you can still make a cup of Bulletproof® tea. You follow the same steps used in the Bulletproof® coffee recipe for the Bulletproof® tea recipe. You just use tea instead of coffee.

Brewing a cup of tea is a great alternative option to coffee. Remember that, the concept of Bulletproof® coffee was created from the tradition of making yak butter tea in the Himalayan mountains.

How To Make a Cup of Tea Bulletproof

In the video you can see the guys over at Onnit™ labs supplement store love Upgraded™ coffee beans and Upgraded™ MCT oil. You can see that you still use a grass-fed butter, like Irish Kerrygold butter, and a medium chain triglyceride oil.

There is one point in the video that the Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Exec, would probably not want to you to do. That is to use black tea bags. In fact, he recommends to use green tea as an alternative to regular tea bags like English breakfast tea.

Bulletproof Cacoa Tea

Bulletproof Cacao Tea
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At this point there isn’t a Bulletproof chai tea, but there is cacoa tea.

In 2014, Dave released the only official tea product for Bulletproof fans. Bulletproof® cacao tea was born

You can now purchase a bag of Upgraded™ Cacao Tea to start making a paleo tea that tastes amazing.

Health Benefits of Upgraded™ Cocao Tea

  • Rare heirloom cacao beans that meet Bulletproof standards
  • Rich source of useful antioxidants called procyanidins
  • Contains theobromine, caffeine’s calming little brother
  • Helps to maintain healthy serotonin levels for natural relaxation
  • Delicate tea flavor unlike hot chocolate

P.S. Fan Idea Suggestion: On a hot Summer day why not try make a Bulletproof® iced tea version.

The Benefits of Tea versus Coffee

There are definitely benefits to drinking tea. Especially green tea products because they have substances that coffee beans do not like:

  1. EGCG, a compound that reduces body fat accumulation,
  2. L-theanine, a relaxing amino acid that smooth’s out the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Green Tea Versus Black Tea

The reason green tea is preferred over black tea is that a 2001 food quality study done in Portugal on tea leaves showed that black tea could contain as much as 88% mycotoxins. Particularly one called fumonisin.

There are the normal reasons why food molds are not good for you. These are like: weight gain, brain fog and inflammation. However, the fumonisin mycotoxin is linked to human esophageal cancer.

This is not saying drinking regular tea bags will give yo cancer, but that when you look at what are best tea leaves, green tea appears the best.

Use Activated Charcoal to Absorb Mycotoxins in Tea

Upgraded Activated Charcoal
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After reading the passage above if you are at all concerned that you may have had some mycotoxin exposure, remember, there is a biohacking solution. You can help to detox your body and get rid of those mold spores. You do this by using activated charcoal which has an ability to absorb harmful substances out of our guts.

Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coconut Charcoal is the recommended activated charcoal product to use. This activated charcoal product goes through a more expensive acid washing process to get rid of toxic heavy metals and it is ground finer than most for better absorption ability.

At the end of the day it is about practicing Bulletproof lifestyle principles and not following a plan rigidly. Test, test and test again on yourself to see what works best for you and your health needs. So yes you can make Bulletproof tea instead of coffee.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂

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