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Bulletproof Tea Recipe

How To Make Bulletproof Tea

If your are not a coffee drinker and prefer to drink a cup of tea you can still use the Bulletproof® coffee recipe principles when brewing your cup of tea. This is a great alternative option to drinking Bulletproof® coffee.

As you can see in the video the guys over at Onnit™ labs love Upgraded™ coffee and Upgraded™ MCT oil. So you still use a grass-fed butter like Kerrygold and you still use medium chain triglyceride oil for brain energy. The one point in the video that the Bulletproof Exec, Dave Asprey, would probably not want to practice is using black tea bags. In fact he recommends using green tea instead. [Dave just released the 2014 Brand New Tea Product: Upgraded™ Cacao Tea]

Bulletproof teaThe reason green tea is preferred over black tea is that a 2001 food quality study done in Portugal on tea leaves showed that black tea could contain as much as 88% mycotoxins called fumonisin. There are the normal reasons why food molds are not good for you like weight gain, brain fog and inflammation, however, this particular mycotoxin is linked to human esophageal cancer.

The Benefits of Tea versus Coffee

Not to knock tea down, there are benefits to drinking tea especially green tea because it has stuff coffee beans do not like:

  1. EGCG, a compound that reduces body fat accumulation,
  2. L-theanine, a relaxing amino acid that smooth’s out the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Use Activated Charcoal to Absorb Mycotoxins

Bulletproof Activated Charcoal

Bulletproof Activated Charcoal

If you are concerned at all you have had a mycotoxin exposure remember there is a biohack method to help detox your body and get rid of those mold spores. It is using activated charcoal which has an ability to absorb harmful substances out of our guts.

The recommended activated charcoal product to use would be Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coconut Charcoal. This product goes through a more expensive acid washing process to get rid of toxic heavy metals and it is ground finer than most for better absorption ability.

At the end of the day it is about practicing Bulletproof lifestyle principles and not following a plan rigidly. Test, test and test again on yourself to see what works best for you and your health needs. So yes you can make Bulletproof tea instead of coffee. Stay Bulletproof :)