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Upgraded Self Cyber Monday

Our official coupon page for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend 2017 will be updated as soon as the days deals go live to the public! Please check it out. The shopping doors open up on Monday November 27 in 2016.1

Did you miss out on the updates and news for the 2017 Black Friday discounts on Suffering a bad case of FOMO (feeling of missing out)? Well don’t worry, you have this one last chance to secure a gigantic bargain from one of the best promotions all year.

The once a year massive online shopping sale has been extended past the Thanksgiving sales weekend into Cyber Monday.

Bulletproof Cyber Monday 2016 Sale

Going on previous years adverts the kind of percentage off discounts to be expected have been up to not 10%, 15%, but 20% off savings on nearly every product! No matter if you are doing a small or large order you will love seeing the checkout page with how much you have saved 🙂

However, just be aware, there are normally a few exceptions with these store products excluded in the flash sale discounted pricing: Neuroptimal Personal Trainers, Bulletproof® Vibe Whole Body Vibration Plates, and ZonaPlus.

Thanksgiving Sales Extended onto Monday

If you are needing some more big 5 lbs bags of Bulletproof™ coffee beans to keep the coffee grinder going, then this is one of the short time periods to grab the best chance ever to buy some at these super low prices.

Running out of fast ketone producing Brain Octane Oil? Then I’d be restocking my cupboard shelves with a year’s worth at the lowest prices to be had all year. If you are serious about living in nutritional ketosis and staying on a cyclical, modified or strict ketogenic diet you know how powerful C8 MCT oil is! This keto oil helps to put you into a state of fat burning, brain energy ketosis fast and can within one day. This is one of the reasons why keto scientists like Dominic ‘D Agostino use C8 medium chain triglycerides.

If you are looking for a coupon code for Cyber Monday don’t worry you don’t need a specific code. All you need to do is go to this dedicated product sales page to see what discounts can be had and on which store items.

Get Your Cyber Monday Savings Deals

Massive Specials Revealed on Monday Nov 28 2016 - Don't Miss Out!

Get Your Cyber Monday Savings Deals

Massive Specials Revealed on Monday Nov 28 2016 - Don't Miss Out!

Where Did Cyber Monday Come From?

Want to know the history behind the day, who came up with the concept and when it started?

This new shopping holiday day originally started back in 2005. So it has only come about since the invention of the internet and the spread of connectivity around the world. It was coined by the marketing team at which is a division of National Retail Federation in the USA. They saw the success and growth predictions in gross income from Black Friday ads for both online shops and brick and mortar retailers. Being a good marketing department they figured out a way to keep shoppers enthusiastic for the end of year holiday season and keep spending their money with the run up to Christmas specials period.

Looking at how much money was spent in previous years on the day it looks like 2016 could be a bumper year with magazine predicating that “Cyber Monday Set To Be Largest Shopping Day In History”. It is amazing when you look at the financial graphs how many dollars, pounds, euros, yen and other currencies are spent on the day.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂

Updated February 20, 2017