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Dave AspreyDave Asprey (a.k.a The Bulletproof Exec) is a world famous biohacker who invented the Bulletproof Coffee recipe, Bulletproof Diet and promotes the concept of biohacking your own health through his blog, Bulletproof Radio podcast show and Bulletproof conference.

He has co-authored other health related books with his wife, Dr Lana Asprey. This includes books like “The Better Baby Book” and “The Stretch Marks Factor”. He also wrote the New York Times best selling book, The Bulletproof Diet and the follow-up called the Bulletproof Cook Book.

Dave invented has also invented a variety of other Bulletproof health products. One of the most popular products are his MCT oil range. He has two available MCT oils which are the pure C8 MCT oil called Brain Octane oil and the C8/C10 blend called XCT Oil.

He promotes the issue of mycotoxins that are found in both our food supply chain and homes. He has stated that he has had severe mold exposure in the past from water damaged homes. These exposure events have contributed to his initial excess weight gain and associated illness symptoms like brain fog. This has left him very sensitive to these toxins to this day. This is one of the main reasons he is passionate for taking detox supplements like activated charcoal and glutathione, plus doing testing for mycotoxin levels on his branded of coffee beans and other foods that he promotes. Dave promotes a low carb high fat type diet to allow for a state of nutritional ketosis.

Using these various nutritional supplements, high quality food products, smart drugs (nootropics), electrical devices and other technology Dave aims to optimise his health needs for that day, the next day, the next week, month and for the rest of his life.

Not only does Dave blog about his extensive knowledge and recent findings over at the his Bulletproof Exec blog, he also has a podcast radio station and is the chairman of the Silicon Valley Health Institute. His past full time technology job was Vice President Cloud Security, Trend Micro.

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