Best Food Allergy App: Free Bulletproof Food Detective App

best way to detect food intolerance using an appIf you are looking for the best food allergy app, we’d say check out the Bulletproof® Food Detective App, as it can help you easily discover a hidden food intolerance that you didn’t even know you had. Review the data it shows you to help you learn how to make a better food choice decisions.

Bad reactions to certain foods are a very common problem that unfortunately many people might not even realise they are suffering. This is especially true if it is a chronic & mild reaction miss the vital piece in the puzzle.

Mild to severe food allergies are a reality for so many men, women and children. In depth medical testing like the gold standard IgE food allergy blood test or alternative IgG4 test might be needed.(1) What you are looking for when you use allergen apps are not the drastic medical conditions like: nut or egg allergy, or celiac disease from gluten. Think of this app as more of a personal food detective looking for your hidden sensitivities to certain dietary items.

The whole idea behind following the Bulletproof® diet is to try eat more items on the green side of the guide. The food choices on the left hand side, that are marked as in the green zone, tend to be cause less inflammatory chemicals, plus, they are also less prone to bad mycotoxins levels.

There are a good reasons you want to avoid the food groups mentioned in the red zone, on the right-hand side of this fridge poster. This is because they could lower your brain performance (brain fog), contribute to frustrating weight gain (water retention) and contribute to general poor health symptoms (rashes, irritable bowel).

This is where the Bulletproof® Food Detective app is such a useful biohacking gadget that anyone can use to help determine what ingredients you might be sensitive too next time you make a meal at home, eat out at a restaurant/cafe or grab a quick bit for lunch at a food truck near you.

What is a Food Allergy or Intolerance?

A food intolerance does not cause a severe allergic reaction also known medically as anaphylaxis. An allergy can be life threatening requiring emergency medical attention. Intolerances are more of a physiological sensitivity to certain chemicals in food items that can cause mild to moderate symptoms, which may appear similar to allergies.(2)

Vanderhoof in his 1998 research1 on “Food Hypersensitivity in Children” summed it up quite well:

Non-IgE-mediated food hypersensitivity (food intolerance) is more chronic, less acute, less obvious in its presentation, and often more difficult to diagnose than a food allergy. Allergens can come from food, environmental pollution, flower pollen, insect bites (ticks) or stings (bees, wasps) that stimulate chronic inflammatory chemical cycle, making you feel sore, moody & irritable, mentally & physically fatigued and even sabotage your fat loss when trying to excess lose weight.

Who Should Use a Food Sensitivity App?

Example of burger with bun and condimentsThis is for anyone who wants or needs to record, monitor and isolate any intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies to items eaten or drunk.

Maybe you are an an elimination, or restricted diet, where you slowly removing different ingredients out of your typical diet and tracking your meals. Then this an awesome alternative to an advanced allergy lab test as it costs no money to use plus you can use it as many times as want!

It is also a good tool to assist you in how to discover single or even multiple food intolerances like:

  • Histamine
  • Fructose (hint: do post-prandial glucose testing too to check for insulin sensitivity)
  • Lactose
  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Nightshade

As Dave likes to say, find out and then try avoid your Kryptonite foods if you want to feel great.

For example, if you drink regular coffee and find it triggers the coffee jitters feeling then you probably think your are just sensitive to caffeine. Hmm, maybe not.

It might not be the case that it is as easy to blame the caffeine. Maybe you are feeling jittery because the coffee beans used had loads of mycotoxins, or your body doesn’t like the milk, half & half, coffee creamer, sugar, artificial sweetner alternative etc… you used.  If you have experienced this reaction to coffee have you tried drinking butter coffee yet? The kind made the Bulletproof® way with tested Bulletproof® coffee beansgrassfed butter and XCT or Brain Octane oil.

How Does the Food Intolerance App Work?

Back in the 1940’s a medical doctor, Dr. Arthur F. Coca, came up with the concept of using your pulse rate to determine your physiological reaction to different types of food substances or recipes. Dr Coca described the condition he observed as “Familial Non-Reaginic Food Allergy” or “Idioblapsis”.2 The blapsis portion means spoiler and the idio means individual peculiarity.

In the book “The Pulse Test: The Secret of Building Your Basic Health” by Arthur F. Coca, M.D you’ll read:

Before you are done with this book, you will know that allergy no longer means merely hay-fever or asthma or an outbreak of hives. It can also mean high-blood pressure, diabetes, epileptic seizures and stammering. It means that “tired feeling,” constipation, stomach ulcer, spells of dizziness, headaches and mental depression. In truth, it may mean much of what ails health and happiness of human beings.

Pretty tough hitting paragraph on what a food sensitivity might mean for some people.

The application works by using both the flash and camera lens on your digital device to monitor and record your heart rate/pulse rate.

Recommended Heart Rate Monitors

As an optional extra you can also use a compatible heart rate monitor like:

You can also manually record your own pulse by feeling the carotid artery on your neck with your fingertips and counting the number of beats felt on a 60 second timer to get a reading.

Sweet Beat HRV Training CompanyIt has been designed in conjunction with SweetWater Health™ HRV monitoring technology. The app works by taking biological markers like heart rate variability and pulse rate to use that personal health data to give you useful biohacking information. The information displayed will help you see if you had an abnormal HRV reaction to what drink or food you have just ingested.(3)


  1. Convenient and easy to use anywhere from home to a restaurant
  2. Accurate readings of your heart rate variability
  3. Intelligent information to create a smart food journal that is more useful to your diary goals
  4. Uncover and discover hidden patterns of weakness in your gastrointestinal and immune systems.


  1. Not a diagnostic Immunoglobulin E (IgE) test – some people require further doctor/physician supervised skin prick, inhaled or swallowed challenge tests or blood lab workups.

latest biohacking health gadgetsThere is reason why biohackers, like Dave Asprey, like to use accessible technology that is built into a smartphone to help understand their own n=1 physiology.

Imagine if you could find a few more percentages of physical or mental performance just by understanding what different types of food you respond well, or poor, too. Armed with this valuable knowledge you could then know what menu item you have just eaten either powers up your physiology or is toxin that needs detoxing and further avoidance in the future.

You might need to implement some detox protocols straight away after an exposure like taking some activated charcoal to soak up the toxic material from your gut.

The Bulletproof Food Detective App

These instructions will guide you how to get the most out of your biohacking food test app.

How to Use It

  1. Bulletproof Food Detective App on iTunesFirst You Need to Have a Compatible Device. This could be one of the latest smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel…), iPods or tablet PC’s (iPad Pro, Air or Mini; Samsung Galaxy; Sony Experia…)
  2. Download the App. The app is a free download from the either the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play Android store. No coupon or promo code needed.
  3. Take a Base Measurement. It is recommended to get a morning reading of your pulse rate to use as a benchmark for the rest of the day. Since you have been asleep and been fasting for hours you haven’t been exposed to dietary chemicals as yet so this is a good to time obtain the benchmark value to compare to.
  4. 1 Minute Pre-Measurement. When you are ready to munch what you need to so is 1 minute before you eat a meal – record your pulse rate.
  5. Let the App Know When You Finished Your Meal. The app will then will remind you with an alert at 30min, 60min and 90min after you have eaten.
  6. Retest Your Pulse Rate. At the 30, 60 and 90 minute post-prandial alert times do another reading. The reason being you can show pulse rate sensitivity up to 1 and half hours after eating or drinking the offending substance.
  7. Done

How to Interpret the Results?

You will know if you have a problem if you have a raised heart rate, from the pre-testing value, of 16 beats or more per minute after the meal.

Use the app as a template to act like a food allergy scanner to check for symptoms that you can note in a food diary to help you isolate what ingredient is causing the unwanted effects on your health.

N.B. Just be aware that this app is not designed by the developers to give a medical diagnose of your intolerances or allergies. Always seek appropriate medical advise for a diagnosis of any kind.

Extra Bulletproof HRV Training Options

There are some complimentary extra’s built into the app to help you improve your heart rate variability even more. This includes a timed breath pacer display to help train heart rate variability (HRV). Then there is also the ability to track your HRV numbers during the day by using one of the recommended heart rate sensors you can strap to your chest discreetly under clothing.

The HRV training in this app isn’t the same as coherence training from HeartMath®. To train HRV to put you into a state of coherence you will need to use either a EmWave2 unit from HeartMath® or one of the HeartMath Inner Balance™ Sensors For Apple iOS options.

To practice the recommended coherence technique from HeartMath® you’ll need one of those two devices. Coherence training is used to biohack your heart and mind connection to reduce levels of stress and take control of your nervous system. Try practice this for 10 mins twice a day for 6 weeks and see how relaxed you feel in situations that used to stress you out. Managing stress levels is important as feeling stressed might make you want to eat junk food and sugary items for a quick brain fix. You will pay for it later though.

Thanks for reading, here is an image to pin to a food or diet board on pinterest.

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