Aeropress Method for Making Bulletproof Coffee

Aeropress coffee hackers toolThere are lots of ways to make good coffee. One of the most interesting ways to make a Bulletproof coffee is using an AeroPress coffee maker.

Fans of top quality third wave, specialty coffees, like BulletproofÂŽ coffee beans, enjoy brewing their coffee grinds in a variety of different ways. Think of them as coffee hackers 🙂

This is one of the best things about being a serious coffee lover. That is, the fact that you get to choose and play with loads of awesome coffee making equipment. This can turn a bland home kitchen into a professional barista coffee station setup – no problem.

The primary recommended brewing method, mentioned by Dave Asprey, for making coffee blended with butter and MCT oil is what is called the French Press Method. However, in this Facebook fan club page poll, people mentioned how they like to use other types of brewing appliances, like the AeroPressÂŽ coffee & espresso maker from AerobieÂŽ.


Alan Adler explaining his invention at coffee conWe can all say a big thank-you to a man called, Alan Adler. He is the genius behind this new age coffee maker invention.(1)

The short story behind the history of the device is, he was inspired to find a solution to the difficulty in making a good cup of single brewed coffee. This was back in 2003, and with lots of testing and 30 prototypes later he was able to reveal to the world his new invention. It was at the Coffee Fest Seattle in November 2005 that the first version of the AeroPress device was displayed to the coffee industry.(2)

World AeroPress Championship

Anders Valde 2008 AeroPress championSince then its popularity amongst both home users and professionals baristas has blossomed.

In 2008 Tim Wendelboe and Tim Varney, both coffee experts and fans of the device, thought of the idea for a friendly competition. It is said that they were trying out various ways of using the AeroPress at Wendelboe’s Oslo microroastery in Norway. This lead to the first ever World AeroPress Championship (WAC) competition back in 2008 that was held in Norway. The first ever winner was Anders Valde from Norway.(3)

This is a fan-organized competition in which the competing baristas vie to see who can brew the best tasting cup of coffee using only an AeroPress coffee maker. For more information on where the next event is being held, list of champions, recipes they used and tournament rules and entry information check out the official website

It is amazing to watch how much detail a competing barista at the competition will go into. See them in action at the 2013 AeroPress Championship held in Ireland. (Fun Fact: Jeff Verellen, from Belgium, is the only 2 time champion winning both the 2011 and 2013 championships.)

How Does It Work?

It works like a French Press, where you will immerse the ground coffee into boiled water, let it steep for a period of time and then use pressure to make the end product – brewed coffee.

AeroPress vs French Press method different featuresHere are some notable differences though:

  • The filter on French Press is on the top whereas AeroPress it is on the bottom.
  • You cannot use a paper filter with a French Press
  • French press needs a medium coarse grind only. An AeroPress can use course or finely ground coffee.
  • Fine grind coffee has a bigger surface area so requires less brewing time. Just like an espresso machine grind. Therefore, the brew time with an AeroPress can be much quicker (30 seconds) than the 4 minutes with a French Press.
  • A French Press uses a mesh filter which allows small particles to still pass through after plunging. This can create a bitter taste as these coffee particles will keep steeping and extracting flavor into the brew.
  • Used compact coffee puckFrench Press is harder to clean. The coffee puck left over with an AeroPress is easy to dispose of by just pushing it down into the bin with the plunger. No scooping wet, mucky spent grinds out with a spoon or your fingers.
  • Gentle pressure is needed with a French Press. Pressure needed with an AeroPress can range from 0.35 bar (5.1 psi) with normal, firm pressing to 0.70 bar (10.2 psi) with hard pressing. An espresso machine generates 9 bar (130.5 psi) of pressure.
  • An AeroPress can be used to make any espresso based drink, americano, latte or cappuccino. A French Press cannot make espresso type drinks.
  • Camping equipmentAn AeroPress has much less acidity at 1/9th the level vs a French Press brewed coffee. This means an AeroPress is more likely to be kinder on your stomach and cause less tummy problems that some people get when drinking coffee.
  • The AeroPress is very portable and backpacker friendly. Use it when you go on holiday, camping, travelling on a plane, long distance car journey etc…

How to Use an AeroPress Coffee Maker

different way pouring water into an AeroPress chamberThe instructions that come when you buy your own show that there are two recommended ways to make a coffee: the traditional way & the inverted way. It would seem, in the barista world where they compete against each other the inverted technique is the favorite method.

One of the best features of the AeroPress is its hackability. Since You don’t need to stick the the rules and can change tons of things to how you want. Perfect for experimenting.

Users get to select many important variables like: water temperature, steeping time, coffee to water ratio, etc. The AeroPress is a tool that gives a user way more control of the brewing process variables. Thereby, allowing a user to brew with any desired brewing recipe. This is why it is such a perfect device to use as a game to see who can do what with it.

Beginners Level Tutorial

Here are two nice overviews of the inverted method using a metal filter.

The basic recipe used in the video was:

  • 18 grams of coffee
  • Coffee grind set for paper filters (medium to fine size)
  • 230ml boiled water
  • Let the coffee bloom
  • Brew for a further 2 minutes
  • Place the metal filter in the top, screw on, and firmly plunge the coffee into a cup.

Bonus Tip: The recommended water temperature to use is lower than what you might normally use. For medium to dark roasts use 175°F or 80°C. For light roasts use 185°F or 85°C. Just another reason why this temp control Bonavita Kettle makes life so much easier.

In the next video you will see how to use it specifically for when you are going Bulletproof. The butter brand mentioned is from Australia & is called Westgold butter. Maybe in the future you’ll see some unsalted Kerrygold or Anchor butters in the mix.

Scientific Level Tutorial

In this video watch how scientific some people take things when trying to make the perfect cup of joe. This is just incredible when looking at as many fine details that you can try control and make perfect.

Please note this is definitely not a common way of brewing coffee. Only very few people will ever do this in their lives. Who do you know who has a custom-made wooden brew bar powered by gas struts (car boot lifter)? It is just some fun to watch and appreciate how hard it can be to get the prefect pressure.


Click here to choose favorite roast flavorYou have some optional extras to choose from when deciding on ingredients to use:

  • Caffeine or Decaf – You can use either Bulletproof caffeinated or Bulletproof decaf coffee beans in the recipe.
  • Whole or Ground Coffee – Then it also depends if you like grinding your own whole beans or prefer using ground coffee instead.
  • Roast Strength – Final choice is light, medium or dark roast. The preferred choice is either the original medium roast beans or the two new dark roast options called The Mentalist or French Kick.

You can see the full range of types of beans to choose from here. This is really just a personal preference as to what you prefer in taste or storage.

Now, if you do your own online research, this is by no means the only AeroPress inverted recipe. You can check out the World AeroPress Championships recipes, for all the AeroPress recipes used by baristas around the world.

Materials Used

The original AeroPress design was more transparent and made from a polycarbonate. In July 2014 the company switched from coployester to making the chamber and plunger out of recyclable polypropylene, which also provides the darker appearance. To see which version you have you can use this image below as a reference.

Evolution of AeroPress materials used
  • It is free from BPA and phthalates since 2009 products sold.
  • The seal is made from medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene). The same used for medical syringes.
  • It is FDA and EU approved for use in contact with food.
  • No plans to make a stainless steel or glass version.

Paper vs Metal Filters

Having mentioned already how cool it is that you can hack how you brew your coffee using this state of the art looking coffee plunger, there is more.

Other inventors have built and designed add-ons to use with it. This includes reusable, stainless steel filters and even the Able Brewing Travel Cap, which are both third party manufactured and not made by Aerobie. There are said to be no plans for an official metal filter either so you would need to purchase one of these other brands filters.

Pros and Cons

Like everything in life there might be good and bad reasons to do something. Now, here is the important question.

You might be thinking: “Why start using a stainless steel filter instead of staying with the original paper filters provided?”. I mean, they give you 350 paper filters to get started with you when you buy your first AeroPress. Well, there is a good answer for converting over to a metal version.

Professional coffee cupping tastingIn the original BulletproofÂŽ Coffee recipe, Dave has mentioned, how you should to try avoid using a paper filter when making coffee, as you lose some of the health benefits, such as the coffee oils. So the primary reason is that you want to protect the delicate and amazing oils that is released when you brew coffee grinds.

Some people would advise you that you want to catch these tasty oils in a paper filter for cardiovascular health. This is in order to help reduce your risk of raising your LDL cholesterol when you drink lots of coffee. It is the diterpenes (cafestol and kahweol) in unfiltered coffee they are talking about. Yes, it is true that paper filters help to remove diterpenes from coffee.(4)(5)

However, here is the twist. The question is that once you start following the Bulletproof diet and learn about the LCHF diet or ketogenic diet research, will you worry so much about cholesterol? When you learn more about why we need cholesterol to be able to live and how eating a low fat diet is not ideal and instead a more low carb high fat diet is important for our health.

From a taste benefit point that is up to you. Since taste buds are so different deciding which one to use for improved taste is hard to be definitive. If you are serous about using an AeroPress you will want to try both paper and metal filters out at some stage. This will help you decide which one produces the best flavor for you.

Which Metal Filter to Buy?

Aeropress Metal FiltersDoing some online research, there are two companies who make metal filters for the AeroPress.

The two main, stainless steel filters for the AeroPress are:

  1. The DISK coffee filter from Able Brewing Equipment,
  2. The S Filter from Kaffeologie.
Able Brewing DISK Filter
This is a great choice. You can get two options: either fine or standard pore size. This allows you to experiment with how filtered you want to brew your coffee and what size of grinds you like to use.

It can be hard to decide which one to go with so it is recommended to get the combination pack that includes one of each for you to try. These are made of stainless steel, are washable under a tap or dishwasher and so are reusable as many times as you would like.

Kaffeologie S Filter
The S Filter is another recommended filter. It is one of the original ones produced on the market so it has been tested and tried by thousands of users. It only comes in one size so your are limited in filter sizing compared to the Able Brewing option.

It is made in the USA from 100% stainless steel. There can be an issue when trying to fit the filter into the lid and use it for the first time. Kaffeologie has a video showing how, it looks like, to stretch the AeroPress filter cap to be able to fit, using their product which you can watch here.

Please Note: Neither of these products are endorsed by Dave Asprey or Aerobie. This is additional information for Bulletproof fans, wanting a paperless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers we found that we think would be useful to know.

  • Q: Can I clean it in the dishwasher?
    A: Yes, however simple rinse under the tap would normally do.
  • Q: What is the purpose of the stirrer and funnel?
    A: The stirrer is to mix the grinds into the poured water to make sure all are soaked. The funnel is to transfer grinds from your grinder into the chamber. Some people use it to press into smaller cups or even a travel mug.
  • Q: Is there more caffeine in AeroPress made coffee?
    A: No it is comparable to other methods caffeine levels.
  • Q: Can I make tea in it?
    A: Yes, brew loose tea leafs and plunge as normal.

So, it would seem that it is possible to try make Bulletproof Coffee with an AeroPress coffee plunger, using paperless filters. Being a fellow coffee lover I’m sure you appreciate the option. Happy brewing 🙂

Please feel free to Pin This to a coffee ideas board- We would appreciate it 🙂

Aeropress coffee station

Bulletproof Coffee French Press Brewing Method Tutorial

Bulletproof Coffee French PressIf you have read the Bulletproof Coffee recipe here then you’ll know that Dave Asprey recommends using the French Press method to brew your coffee. Of course, using this way to make Bulletproof coffee is not the only way; there is also the incredible new age AeroPress coffee method too.

Knowing how to use a French press coffee plunger, the correct way, allows you to experiment with many different coffee brewing variables. This just one reason that makes it a great piece of coffee equipment for any coffee hackers out there.

What is a French Press?

Chambord la cafetiere original designA French press is a coffee pot that contains a plunger with fine metal mesh filter at the end that pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom of the pot once the coffee has brewed & is ready to be poured. It is also known as a press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger, cafetière (UK) or сafetière à piston.

It is a coffee making device patented by Italian designers Attilio Calimani & Giulio Moneta back in 1929.

Swiss inventor, Faliero Bondanini, designed a version called Chambord that was manufactured in France in the 1950’s. The popularity of this type of coffee brewer, with the French people, is where the French Press name originates from. The classic Bondanini Chambord design is now owned by Danish company, Bodum, and is still available to purchase here.

Recommended Products

You will need the right tools and products to help you make sure that you can easily follow the step by step instructions, hints and tips below. Investing in buying quality products will pay dividends; you will appreciate well made equipment, especially with daily use.

Here is a list of recommended coffee making tools you will need:

    1. Bulletproof coffee whole beans (decaf or caffeinated)
    2. Filtered water. This Soma filter is recommended for home use.
    3. One of the recommended digital measuring scales
    4. Bonavita precision pour & temperature control kettle (comes with digital timer built-in)
    5. One of the recommended burr coffee grinders
    6. Best French Press for Making Bulletproof Coffee

Hario best coffee maker for Bulletproof coffee

French Press Instructions

  • Pour some hot water into the empty, glass french press pot; this helps the coffee stay warm. Pouring hot water is easier & more precise when using a gooseneck kettle.
  • Pour the hot water out after 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Grind your coffee beans fresh using a burr grinder to a coarse grind setting.
  • Use a digital kitchen scale to measure the right amount of freshly ground coffee to water ratio. A common ratio is 1:15, i.e. 15 grams of ground coffee per every 225 grams of water. For 3 cups use 17 grams (2-3 tbsp) to 275 ml water.
  • Create a coffee bloom by using a small amount of water to wet the coffee grinds.
  • Bloom the coffee for about 30 seconds to release the carbon dioxide gases.
  • Carefully pour 195-196°F (91°C) boiled filtered water and let the coffee steep.
  • Put the french press plunger lid on whilst waiting for the other 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Allow the coffee to brew for 4 minutes in total. Use a clock for precision timing.
  • Gently push the plunger filter down to the bottom to complete the brewing process.

Plunging Tips: If your coffee grind is too coarse the plunger will be very easy to push down. If your coffee grind is too fine the plunger will be very difficult to push down.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe Steps

  1. French press brewing works best with a medium coarse coffee grind.
  2. Decant your freshly brewed coffee after plunging to stop it from steeping for any longer in the press pot.
  3. Pour the freshly brewed coffee into a blender, along with grass-fed butter & Brain Octane oil.
  4. Blend all together to create a Bulletproof Coffee.

Video Tutorials

Here are two great videos from two different barista’s (pronounced buh-REE-stuh; from the Italian for “bartender”).

This will help you watch a barista make coffee using the French press method.

Travel Tips

It is all well and good having all the right gear at your house, but what if you need to travel? If you enjoy making plunger coffee then you are in luck. You can use this Bodum insulated stainless-steel travel French Press coffee and tea mug.

  • The travel mug can make 15 fluid oz. (0.45 liters) which is perfect for a single cup on the road.
  • The plunger is built into the lid and stays inside the mug as you sip your coffee
  • It comes with a non-slip silicone grip that is available in four colors: black, red, white or green.
  • The double wall design means hot drinks stay warm for longer like a thermal flask.

All you need to do is ask one of the Coffee shops at an airport for some boiled water. Top tip would ask Starbucks for hot water as they use water filters to keep their coffee taste consistent worldwide.

If you want to be a proper coffee hacker when you go camping or travelling through airports then you might need a portable coffee grinder like this nice small compact one from porlex. Use this to grind up some coffee beans on the go wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Can I make tea using a French Press?
    Answer: Yes, you can steep the loose tea leaves just like the coffee grinds. You could also make Bulletproof tea using cacao.
  • Question: Can I make espresso, cappuccino or lattes?
    Answer: You cannot make an espresso based drink as the pot makes brewed coffee that is percolated.
  • Question: What press pot sizes are available to buy?
    Answer: You typically can get 1 cup, 3 cup, 4 cup and 8 cup pots on Amazon.
  • Question: What should I do with the used coffee grinds?
    Answer: Don’t throw the spent grinds down your kitchen sink. Instead scoop them out using a spoon into a bin. Even better would be to add the coffee grinds to your garden soil or flower pots & use as a compost to improve the nutrient levels.
  • Question: Is a press pot dishwasher safe?
    Answer: Read the manufacturers manual with the product you buy. Most brewing chambers are made of glass and so should be safe to clean in a dishwasher, however, refer to the users manual of the one you purchase. You can also unscrew the metal plunger parts and place in the silverware basket.
  • Question: Can I just rinse the coffee press under hot water from the tap?
    Answer: Yes, this would be sufficient for daily use until you need to do a bigger clean to help get rid of excess coffee oils that might make your brewed coffee taste more bitter after prolonged use.

Click here to choose favorite roast flavor

How to Use a Hario Ceramic Burr Grinder MSS-1B

Hario Mini Coffee GrinderBeing able to use a coffee mill correctly is important so that you get the correct kind of coffee grind for the type of coffee brewing method you choose to make your daily cup(s) of BulletproofÂŽ Coffee. Today’s post is about the mini mill hand ceramic burr grinder from Japanese coffee and tea company, Hario.

In the following video watch how to use and clean the Hario coffee mill model MSS-1B. This coffee bean grinder is a great piece of compact coffee equipment for traveling on holiday or abroad for work.

Hario Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder

You can find the official Hario MSS-1B manual here.

Recommended Upgraded™ coffee beans to use in this type of manual coffee burr grinder would be the regular Upgraded™ coffee beans or Upgraded™ decaf coffee beans. This type of coffee grinder is great because it has a lid that stops coffee beans from flying out when your turning the handle to grind them. It is also perfect for putting in an overnight bag when away from home.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂

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What is HeartMath Coherence?

HeartMath CoherenceYou probably have heard how Dave recommends that you should be improving your heart rate variability for better mental and physical performance. The one HRV tool that he has used for years is from a company called HeartMathÂŽ which Dave is also on one of the HeartMath advisory boards.

The Institute of HeartMath mention that when you use one of the HeartMath products like the emWave2® or Inner Balance™ Trainer for new lightning iPhone adapter and iPad or older 30 pin iPhone adapter that you are trying to achieve coherence. So what exactly is this state of coherence?

The HeartMath Coherence State

Dave first explains why you should be trying to achieve a coherent state between your heart and brain:

Choose a HeartMath HRV Product:

Inner Balance Trainer Lightning Adapter
Buy a Inner Balance Trainer for iOS with Lightning Adapter Here
HeartMath emWave2
Buy an emWave2 Here
Upgraded MCT Oil
Buy a Inner Balance Trainer for iOS with 30 Pin Adapter Here

Now get another look into why you would want to train coherence of your heart from HeartMath:

Coherence: A State of Optimal Function

An in depth article from HeartMath explains the science of coherence here.

The coherent mode is reflected by a smooth, sine wave-like pattern in the heart rhythms (heart rhythm coherence) and a narrow-band, high-amplitude peak in the low frequency range of the HRV power spectrum, at a frequency of about 0.1 hertz.

Heart Rate Variability Sine Curve

It is a state where the emotional and physical systems are in harmony, which produces a psychophysiological coherence that is measurable through heart rate variability.

In Summary: What is Coherence Training

Basically HeartMath coherence training is the ability to optimize the heart and brain connection. Through conscious tools like breathing techniques and feeling positive emotions you can see live changes on the biofeedback machine. This puts your nervous system into a better less stress state that has a positive effect on multiple other body systems. This is a brain biohacking tool that Dave recommends to his private executive coaching clients to help them control and reduce anxiety and negative feelings through using this easy to use biofeedback device.

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Bulletproof Brain Octane vs XCT Oil Difference

Bulletproof mct oils comparisonBrain octane is a pure C8 oil (caprylic acid) compared to XCT oil, which is a blend of both C8 and C10 (capric acid). Both Bulletproof products are MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oils.

If you follow the advice in the Bulletproof diet book you know how many recipes you can use it in. If you like making Bulletproof coffee, or even tea, then you will know how important a using an upgraded MCT oil is in your daily caffeine routine. MCTs are not just normal coconut oil. Oh no, they are a super special byproduct that has a ton of health benefits.

However, you need to know there are big when reviewing the differences between regular MCT oil and the Bulletproof options. Then there are also the unique features for Brain Octane and XCT that make them different from each other. Don’t worry, we got loads of great answers to the common questions when looking at which one to buy. Ready? Here we go.

MCT Oil Review

Let’s start by going over some basics like “what is a medium chain triglyceride?”

It is also known as a medium chain fatty acid which is a form of saturated fat. Saturated fats can be sub-classified into short-chain (SCFAs), medium-chain (MCTs), and long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs).

There are four kinds of MCTs:

  1. C6 a.k.a caproic acid or hexanoic acid or C6:0
  2. C8 a.k.a caprylic acid or octanoic acid or C8:0
  3. C10 a.k.a capric acid or decanoic acid or C10:0
  4. C12 a.k.a lauric acid or dodecanoic acid or C12:0

The numbers after the “C” are used to define the length of the carbon chains in each molecular formula from chemistry. The fourth one, C12, is controversial as some would say it should be classified as a long-chain fatty acid.

How Is MCT Made

Coconuts are used for medium chain triglyceride productionThere are two primary sources where medium chain triglycerides comes from:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Palm kernel oil.

Coconut oil is made from pressing the dried coconut kernel (meat), which is called the copra.

Palm kernel oil is made from processing kernel from the fruit of palm tree. This is not to be confused with palm oil which is made from the reddish pulp of the fruit of a palm tree.

You do get medium chain fatty acids in other food sources like diary which includes butter and ghee. However, they contain much smaller quantities and have more short chain fatty acids like butyrate.


Nutritional ketosis dietThis type of dietary oil is used extensively in the ketogenic diet. The reason being is this type of ketosis oil is fantastic for raising blood ketone levels (beta-hydroxybutyrate) to put you in a state of nutritional ketosis.

There are two easy and reliable ways to know if you are in a state of nutritional ketosis. One way is to use a beta-hydroxybutyrate measurement device like this one, to test if your blood levels are 0.5 mM and above. The second way is to use a Ketonix breath analyzer to measure breath acetone levels.

If you do the intermittent fasting then you will be naturally cycling in and out of nutritional ketosis from the fasting effect.

Here is a list of what else MCT Oil is used for:

  • Weight loss management
  • Balancing blood sugar levels & improving insulin sensitivity
  • Improving appetite by decreasing food cravings & increasing satiety
  • Improving energy levels & oxygen capacity which equals better athletic performance
  • Enhancing vasodilation for better blood flow in the arteries
  • Treatment for migraine headaches
  • Neuroprotective benefits for disorders that cause seizure
  • Autism and improved behavior
  • Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II)
  • Stroke prevention management
  • Metabolic syndrome management
  • Improving cholesterol levels
  • Inflammation management


Like most things there can be potential unwanted effects when consuming this type of keto oil in some people:

  • Diarrhea a.k.a disaster pants
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Intestinal gas

What causes disaster pants is something called C17, which is a byproduct of other MCT oil production processes. You will read below that the best way to avoid gastro distress is to use Brain Octane oil.

MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil

Lady feeling good and full of energyCoconut oil is the byproduct from pressing the flesh of a coconut. MCT oil is the byproduct from refining coconut oil. Therefore, MCT oil is actually a refined version of coconut oil.

To be able to isolate the desired medium chain fatty acids mentioned above, like capric and caprylic acid, the oil from a coconut needs to be fractionated into a food grade form.

Coconut oil contains lots of lauric acid, which is a great anti-microbial used as a treatment for candida and yeast infections. When lauric acid is digested in our gastrointestinal system, it then forms a substance called, monolaurin. Both monolaurin plus lauric acid can kill harmful pathogens like fungi, bacteria & viruses.

There are substantially more C8 and C10 fatty acids in MCT oil compared to coconut oil. You would need six tablespoons of plain coconut oil to match one tablespoon of normal MCT oil levels.

MCT Oil vs Bulletproof Oils

Orangutan friendly mct oil sourceHopefully, you will have read so far how where the oil is sourced and how it is refined makes all the difference when comparing products.

Both Bulletproof Brain Octane and XCT oils do not contain the C17 byproduct that can cause major gastro distress.

Looking at getting the purest form of C8 and C10 medium chain fatty acids on the market? Then the Bulletproof options are much better for you.

Dave has chosen to use 100% coconut oil to get the best MCT oil he could manufacture. So there is no palm kernel oil in either Bulletproof oil. It says so on the label.

This means the Bulletproof products are orangutan friendly so you are helping to support the protection of orangutans in Southeast Asia from the palm oil crisis by not buying a product that causes any of them harm.

You also might not be able to trust the nutrition label with some no-name brands. Watch out, as some other products on the market might use filler oils, like olive oil, or other omega 6 oils.

You can trust that either Bulletproof MCT oil has gone through rigorous testing to guarantee that you are getting what you are paying for.

Brain Octane or XCT Oil?


Brain Octane Oil

100% Capric and Caprylic Acid Blend 100% Pure Caprylic Acid
6x Stronger Than Coconut Oil18x Stronger Than Coconut Oil
Helps Raise KetonesHelps Raise Ketones
Cook up to 320 ℉ (160 ºC)Cook up to 320 ℉ (160 ºC)
Requires 6 lbs. of coconut oil to produceRequires 18 lbs. of coconut oil to produce
128 calories129 calories
Use in Bulletproof CoffeeUse in Bulletproof Coffee
Use on Food in the Bulletproof DietUse on Food in the Bulletproof Diet
Click Here for PricingClick Here for Pricing
Difference between XCT & Brain Octane oil answer from Dave Asprey

Here is the Bulletproof Radio podcast #45 Dave Asprey referred to in the answer above on Facebook.

Let’s take a deeper look at each one to help you compare the different features and when to use one over the other.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Brain Octane is even more refined than plain MCT or coconut oil. In fact, you the 100% C8 oil in Brain Octane only makes up about 6% of coconut oil. So you get very little C8 in regular coconut oil.

This is why Brain Octane is 18x stronger than coconut oil. It contains 100% caprylic acid (C8). This should be a major reason why you would want to choose Brain Octane instead of a regular MCT oil.

Caprylic acid rapidly metabolizes into ketone bodies that can be used by the brain for instant energy without breaking down glucose from dietary sugars or carbohydrates.

If you want the highest level of brain performance from your Bulletproof Coffee then use Brain Octane.

Brain octane also aids in re-balancing of yeast in your gut. This helps to bring candida into balance in your system.

  • Ketogenic Diet Approved
  • Pure C8 Oil
  • Make Ketones Fast
  • Brain Performance
  • Taste is Neutral

You can get a bottle of Brain Octane oil in three different sizes:

  1. Large 32 fl oz bottle (960ml) option
  2. Smaller 16 fl oz bottle (473ml) option
  3. Travel size 3 fl oz bottle (90ml) option

Bulletproof XCT Oil

This is the original Bulletproof MCT product and was previously called Upgraded™ MCT oil. It was the first refined coconut oil developed to be used in the official Bulletproof® Coffee recipe.

This bottle is definitely not just a simple concentrated organic virgin coconut oil. Dave’s version of MCT oil is 6x stronger than regular coconut oil when it comes to providing medium chain fatty acids.

It is made using a Bulletproof process to refine premium coconut oil made from coconuts to give you a proprietary blend of both capric acid (C10) and caprylic acid (C8). It is free from lauric acid and other long chain fatty acids that are more difficult to metabolize.

It can be used in making coffee as it improves mouth feel. It can also be used with food like sushi, smoothies, “Get Some” Bulletproof ice cream, paleo soups, bone broths and vegetables on the green side of the Bulletproof diet.

MCT oil is great in helping with energy levels for the brain and aids in weight loss.

Beginners Tip: The best way to try XCT oil for the first time is to take it slow. Try adding 1 tablespoon to your food or coffee and then increase the amount as your body gets better at metabolizing fat again.

  • Ketogenic Diet Approved Oil
  • Assists in Weight Management
  • Helps Mental Performance
  • Tastes Neutral

You can get a bottle of XCT oil in two different sizes:

  1. Large 32 fl oz bottle (960ml) option
  2. Smaller 16 fl oz bottle (473ml) option

Best MCT Oil For Bulletproof Coffee

Recommended ProductDescriptionLink
Brain Octane OilBest MCT oil for Bulletproof coffee to improve cognitive function. Raises ketones the fastest & the most. Can be used daily & for long periods.Click Here for Pricing
Upgraded XCT OilSecond best choice MCT Oil for Bulletproof Coffee. Costs less, but does provide ketogenic effect required. Great for people wanting to lose weight & premium quality product.Click Here for Pricing

To recap, the biggest difference is that you are getting 100% caprylic acid with Brain Octane. This is used mainly for cognitive function and easier digestion. You will get an even better brain boost compared to XCT oil. Dave has also mentioned that he feels less gastrointestinal disturbances with Brain Octane versus other MCT oils. Remember too that he can take a lot as he does free pour the stuff into his Bulletproof coffee.

XCT oil is great for helping your metabolism with some brain boosting at a more economical pricing.

Overall you can’t go wrong going with either oil. You can substitute a little of one in with the other in a mix if needs. Either one is a great alternative for the other and can complement each other too.


Swiss Water Process: Best Way to Make Decaf Coffee

Swiss Water Process Decaf CoffeeThe type of coffee bean you use in your cup of BulletproofÂŽ coffee makes a world of a difference in the way it will taste and how it will make you feel. For a long time Dave mentioned how he didn’t like decaffeinated coffee, because normal “poor quality” coffee beans, through the non-Bulletproof decaf process, could be prone to even more mycotoxin problems and your losing some of the health benefits that he enjoys in his morning cup of BulletproofÂŽ coffee.

That all changed when the best way to make decaf coffee was blended with the best coffee beans to make Upgraded™ Decaffeinated coffee beans. The best way to make decaf coffee be able to achieve the strict Bulletproof standards is to make it without harsh chemicals via the Swiss Water® Process. Some recent research from Mount Sinai Medical Center showed how decaf coffee has health benefits. The paper was titled “Decaffeinated coffee may help improve memory function and reduce risk of diabetes.” and published in ScienceDaily, 1 Feb. 2012.

Decaffeination Technique

Some interesting facts about the SWISS WATERÂŽ Process are:

  • The method was discovered in Switzerland in the 1930’s, but is made in and uses cold filtered water from British Colombia, Canada.
  • Uses a mountain water decaffeination process not a chemical decaffeination process so you don’t get exposed to methylene chloride or ethyl acetate that are typically used to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean.
  • Is audited to produce 99.9% caffeine-free coffee beans.
  • In the US, decaffeinated coffee has a guideline that requires 97% of the caffeine to be removed from a green coffee bean, however, in Canada 99.9% is the recognized standard for decaffeinated coffee.

Ben Greenfield Coffee

Ben GreenfieldLearn why Ben Greenfield cycles between drinking decaf and caffeinated coffee.

Can you drink Bulletproof coffee everyday or should you take a day or two off every week? This was the question that was posed towards self-confessed biohacker and regular BulletproofŽ coffee drinker, Ben Greenfield in his podcast episode 258 on iTunes. It is probably a common question that most biohackers starting out on the BulletproofŽ diet would ask themselves.

Dave has said that his Bulletproof diet is a guide how to improve your brain and body performance you are free to play around, experiment and test your own data to see what works best for you. Ben gave a list of great answers to the listener of his show. In the mp3 audio clip below you will need to fast forward to 00:52:12 to hear Ben’s full answer. Ben’s final verdict is that YES You can drink a cup of BulletproofŽ coffee everyday 🙂

Key Points Ben Mentioned:

  • Technically you can do BulletproofŽ coffee everyday,
  • Competing athletes will want to keep sensitive to effects of caffeine,
  • Adenosine receptors in brain can be desensitised to effects of caffeine,
  • About every 2 months take 1-2 weeks off caffeine,
  • Drink decaf in the off week,
  • A good clean source of decaf coffee is Upgraded™ decaf coffee beans that use the swiss water method,
  • Benefits of decaf coffee are: increase blood to brain, good effects on decreasing risk of diabetes,
  • Decaf coffee beans have as many antioxidants as caffeinated beans,
  • Caffeine can inhibit mTor which is needed for protein synthesis post-exercise,
  • The question should be asking should you have caffeine or decaf coffee,
  • Prior to big sporting events Ben uses caffeinated Bulletproof coffee as a pre-ironman meal
  • It helps burn pure fat driven by caffeine across the blood brain barrier,
  • Ben uses Upgraded™ coffee as his preferred coffee of choice.

Hope you found this helpful in your quest to Stay Bulletproof 🙂

Decaf Bulletproof Coffee Options

Upgraded Decaf Coffee Beans
Click Here to Get a Bag of Decaf Coffee

You may have heard before how Ben Greenfield rotates between caffeinated and decaf Upgraded™ coffee beans for optimal physical and brain performance.

Well you are in luck because you have some fantastic choices when choosing the right Upgraded™ decaf coffee beans to use in your Bulletproof® Coffee.

Option One: 12 Oz Bag of Upgraded™ Decaf Coffee Beans great for those travelling or just for having some in case you want some decaf instead of regular.

Option Two: 5Lbs Bag of Upgraded™ Decaf Coffee Beans for those more serious about being a regular decaf coffee drinker.

Option Three: Decaf Bulletproof® Coffee Kit for getting the full Bulletproof coffee recipe experience with Upgraded™ MCT oil and decaf coffee

Option Four: Mixed Regular and Decaf BulletproofÂŽ Coffee Kit if you want to be like top performing triathlete, Ben Greenfield, and move between regular and decaf coffee.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂

Help Others Find Grass-Fed Butter for Bulletproof Coffee

Grass-Fed ButterAs you already know Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive, recommends Kerrygold butter from Ireland in the BulletproofÂŽ coffee recipe as his regular grass-fed butter of choice. However, Kerrygold might not be available near you in your town, city or country. There is a solution. Maybe you have a local dairy farmer who feds their cows grass and who also qualifies as a premium grassfed butter brand to use in Bulletproof coffee.

It is always a good idea to support those farmers who use sustainable grass-fed farming methods. It will be the only way to help keep the retail market for real butter alive. Consumer spending habits dictate the supply and demand in the agriculture world. This means those who lead a Bulletproof lifestyle need to spread the word about where to find these types of farmers around the world on different continents in places like the United States, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Change starts with you so only buy grass fed butter where you can.

Grass Fed Butter Brands Around the World

You can find out what other butter brands fellow biohackers are recommending on the Bulletproof Diet. This Facebook Note below is for you too find out and to share helpful tips for finding natural grassfed butter in any town, city or country around the world. Help out by letting others know which butter brand you use on your vegetables and in your Bulletproof Coffee.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂

More Butter Resources:

Cyber Monday Deals & Sale News on Bulletproof Products

Cyber Monday sale

Cyber Monday is on December 2 in 2019.1

This is when you’ll see the latest Bulletproof Cyber Monday deals at the official Bulletproof online store or at Amazon go live.

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Thanksgiving Sales Extended onto Monday

When Does Cyber Monday Begin?

Monday 2nd of December EST time. As soon as the doors open click the link below to get onto the deals section of the website.

Get Your Cyber Monday Up to 40% Off Savings Deals

Massive Bulletproof Specials Revealed on Cyber Monday - Don't Miss Out!

Get Your Cyber Monday Up to 40% Off Savings Deals

Massive Bulletproof Specials Revealed on Cyber Monday - Don't Miss Out!

How much discount can you expect?

Well in previous years we have seen 20%-25% off selected items. That is the most off you will ever get all year!

The once a year massive online shopping sale has been extended past the Thanksgiving sales weekend into Cyber Monday.

Bulletproof Cyber Monday 2016 Sale

Going on previous years adverts the kind of percentage off discounts to be expected have been up to not 10%, 15%, but 20% off savings on nearly every product!

No matter if you are doing a small or large order you will love seeing the checkout page with how much you have saved 🙂

However, just be aware, there are normally a few exceptions with these store products excluded in the flash sale discounted pricing: BulletproofŽ Vibe Whole Body Vibration Plates, and Bulletproof sleep induction mat.

If you are needing some more big 5 lbs bags of Bulletproof™ coffee beans to keep the coffee grinder going, then this is one of the short time periods to grab the best chance ever to buy some at these super low prices.

Running out of fast ketone producing Brain Octane Oil?

Then I’d be restocking my cupboard shelves with a year’s worth at the lowest prices to be had all year. If you are serious about living in nutritional ketosis and staying on a cyclical, modified or strict ketogenic diet you know how powerful C8 MCT oil is! This keto oil helps to put you into a state of fat burning, brain energy ketosis fast and can within one day. This is one of the reasons why keto scientists like Dominic ‘D Agostino use C8 medium chain triglycerides.

If you are looking for a coupon code for Cyber Monday don’t worry you don’t need a specific code.

All you need to do is go to this dedicated product sales page to see what discounts can be had and on which store items.

Where Did Cyber Monday Come From?

Want to know the history behind the day, who came up with the concept and when it started?

This new shopping holiday day originally started back in 2005. So it has only come about since the invention of the internet and the spread of connectivity around the world. It was coined by the marketing team at which is a division of National Retail Federation in the USA. They saw the success and growth predictions in gross income from Black Friday ads for both online shops and brick and mortar retailers. Being a good marketing department they figured out a way to keep shoppers enthusiastic for the end of year holiday season and keep spending their money with the run up to Christmas specials period.

Looking at how much money was spent in previous years on the day it looks like 2016 could be a bumper year with magazine predicating that “Cyber Monday Set To Be Largest Shopping Day In History”. It is amazing when you look at the financial graphs how many dollars, pounds, euros, yen and other currencies are spent on the day.

P.S. Here is the history story behind this famous day which is not what most people would know

Black Friday Deals & Sale News on Bulletproof Products

Black Friday Queues

Black Friday is on November 27 in 2020.1

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Thanksgivings Holiday Sale

When Does Black Friday Begin?

Friday 27th of November EST time. As soon as the doors open click the link below to get onto the deals section of the website.

How much discount can you expect?

Well in previous years we have seen 20%-25% off selected items. That is the most off you will ever get all year!

Black Friday Flash Products Sale

Get Your Black Friday Savings Deals Here

Massive Specials Revealed on the last Friday of Nov - Don't Miss Out!

Get Your Black Friday Savings Deals Here

Massive Specials Revealed on the last Friday of Nov - Don't Miss Out!

Cyber Weekend Specials

Don’t worry if you miss out on this incredible day of the year to shop online for things like ketogenic diet approved Brain Octane oil, detox supplement from activated coconut charcoal capsules, mycotoxin tested coffee beans or the Vibe vibration platform for super easy exercising.

As you probably know after the digital dust has settled from the craziness from tons of people ordering online then the sales roll on with Cyber Weekend deals.

Limited time discounts on certain products open up again in quick one-day only promotions on the Saturday, Sunday and of course Cyber Monday.

However, don’t worry we got you covered with Bulletproof Cyber Monday news and updates so you don’t miss out on a bargain.

  1. Go to our page with the latest Bulletproof coupon codes that we keep up to date. Here you will see any alerts and you can join our mailing list to get the latest news on the best deals of the day, week, month and year straight to your inbox. This is our dedicated page to help you and other biohackers save some cash with your online purchase.
  2. If you haven’t already we’d suggest to click here to like the Facebook Bulletproof Fans Page. One of the reasons being as soon as any decision is made public at the Bulletproof Headquarters we alert our Facebook fans so they will be the first to know. Come join thousands of other like-minded people just like you who are learning how to live an optimal life through: food, supplements, biotech gadgets, expert advice and more.

P.S. Here is the history story behind this famous day which is not what most people would know

Best Food Allergy App: Free Bulletproof Food Detective App

best way to detect food intolerance using an appIf you are looking for the best food allergy app, we’d say check out the BulletproofÂŽ Food Detective App, as it can help you easily discover a hidden food intolerance that you didn’t even know you had. Review the data it shows you to help you learn how to make a better food choice decisions.

Bad reactions to certain foods are a very common problem that unfortunately many people might not even realise they are suffering. This is especially true if it is a chronic & mild reaction miss the vital piece in the puzzle.

Mild to severe food allergies are a reality for so many men, women and children. In depth medical testing like the gold standard IgE food allergy blood test or alternative IgG4 test might be needed.(1) What you are looking for when you use allergen apps are not the drastic medical conditions like: nut or egg allergy, or celiac disease from gluten. Think of this app as more of a personal food detective looking for your hidden sensitivities to certain dietary items.

The whole idea behind following the BulletproofÂŽ diet is to try eat more items on the green side of the guide. The food choices on the left hand side, that are marked as in the green zone, tend to be cause less inflammatory chemicals, plus, they are also less prone to bad mycotoxins levels.

There are a good reasons you want to avoid the food groups mentioned in the red zone, on the right-hand side of this fridge poster. This is because they could lower your brain performance (brain fog), contribute to frustrating weight gain (water retention) and contribute to general poor health symptoms (rashes, irritable bowel).

This is where the BulletproofŽ Food Detective app is such a useful biohacking gadget that anyone can use to help determine what ingredients you might be sensitive too next time you make a meal at home, eat out at a restaurant/cafe or grab a quick bit for lunch at a food truck near you.

What is a Food Allergy or Intolerance?

A food intolerance does not cause a severe allergic reaction also known medically as anaphylaxis. An allergy can be life threatening requiring emergency medical attention. Intolerances are more of a physiological sensitivity to certain chemicals in food items that can cause mild to moderate symptoms, which may appear similar to allergies.(2)

Vanderhoof in his 1998 research1 on “Food Hypersensitivity in Children” summed it up quite well:

Non-IgE-mediated food hypersensitivity (food intolerance) is more chronic, less acute, less obvious in its presentation, and often more difficult to diagnose than a food allergy. Allergens can come from food, environmental pollution, flower pollen, insect bites (ticks) or stings (bees, wasps) that stimulate chronic inflammatory chemical cycle, making you feel sore, moody & irritable, mentally & physically fatigued and even sabotage your fat loss when trying to excess lose weight.

Who Should Use a Food Sensitivity App?

Example of burger with bun and condimentsThis is for anyone who wants or needs to record, monitor and isolate any intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies to items eaten or drunk.

Maybe you are an an elimination, or restricted diet, where you slowly removing different ingredients out of your typical diet and tracking your meals. Then this an awesome alternative to an advanced allergy lab test as it costs no money to use plus you can use it as many times as want!

It is also a good tool to assist you in how to discover single or even multiple food intolerances like:

  • Histamine
  • Fructose (hint: do post-prandial glucose testing too to check for insulin sensitivity)
  • Lactose
  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Nightshade

As Dave likes to say, find out and then try avoid your Kryptonite foods if you want to feel great.

For example, if you drink regular coffee and find it triggers the coffee jitters feeling then you probably think your are just sensitive to caffeine. Hmm, maybe not.

It might not be the case that it is as easy to blame the caffeine. Maybe you are feeling jittery because the coffee beans used had loads of mycotoxins, or your body doesn’t like the milk, half & half, coffee creamer, sugar, artificial sweetner alternative etc… you used.  If you have experienced this reaction to coffee have you tried drinking butter coffee yet? The kind made the BulletproofÂŽ way with tested BulletproofÂŽ coffee beans, grassfed butter and XCT or Brain Octane oil.

How Does the Food Intolerance App Work?

Back in the 1940’s a medical doctor, Dr. Arthur F. Coca, came up with the concept of using your pulse rate to determine your physiological reaction to different types of food substances or recipes. Dr Coca described the condition he observed as “Familial Non-Reaginic Food Allergy” or “Idioblapsis”.2 The blapsis portion means spoiler and the idio means individual peculiarity.

In the book “The Pulse Test: The Secret of Building Your Basic Health” by Arthur F. Coca, M.D you’ll read:

Before you are done with this book, you will know that allergy no longer means merely hay-fever or asthma or an outbreak of hives. It can also mean high-blood pressure, diabetes, epileptic seizures and stammering. It means that “tired feeling,” constipation, stomach ulcer, spells of dizziness, headaches and mental depression. In truth, it may mean much of what ails health and happiness of human beings.

Pretty tough hitting paragraph on what a food sensitivity might mean for some people.

The application works by using both the flash and camera lens on your digital device to monitor and record your heart rate/pulse rate.

Recommended Heart Rate Monitors

As an optional extra you can also use a compatible heart rate monitor like:

You can also manually record your own pulse by feeling the carotid artery on your neck with your fingertips and counting the number of beats felt on a 60 second timer to get a reading.

Sweet Beat HRV Training CompanyIt has been designed in conjunction with SweetWater Health™ HRV monitoring technology. The app works by taking biological markers like heart rate variability and pulse rate to use that personal health data to give you useful biohacking information. The information displayed will help you see if you had an abnormal HRV reaction to what drink or food you have just ingested.(3)


  1. Convenient and easy to use anywhere from home to a restaurant
  2. Accurate readings of your heart rate variability
  3. Intelligent information to create a smart food journal that is more useful to your diary goals
  4. Uncover and discover hidden patterns of weakness in your gastrointestinal and immune systems.


  1. Not a diagnostic Immunoglobulin E (IgE) test – some people require further doctor/physician supervised skin prick, inhaled or swallowed challenge tests or blood lab workups.

latest biohacking health gadgetsThere is reason why biohackers, like Dave Asprey, like to use accessible technology that is built into a smartphone to help understand their own n=1 physiology.

Imagine if you could find a few more percentages of physical or mental performance just by understanding what different types of food you respond well, or poor, too. Armed with this valuable knowledge you could then know what menu item you have just eaten either powers up your physiology or is toxin that needs detoxing and further avoidance in the future.

You might need to implement some detox protocols straight away after an exposure like taking some activated charcoal to soak up the toxic material from your gut.

The Bulletproof Food Detective App

These instructions will guide you how to get the most out of your biohacking food test app.

How to Use It

  1. Bulletproof Food Detective App on iTunesFirst You Need to Have a Compatible Device. This could be one of the latest smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel…), iPods or tablet PC’s (iPad Pro, Air or Mini; Samsung Galaxy; Sony Experia…)
  2. Download the App. The app is a free download from the either the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play Android store. No coupon or promo code needed.
  3. Take a Base Measurement. It is recommended to get a morning reading of your pulse rate to use as a benchmark for the rest of the day. Since you have been asleep and been fasting for hours you haven’t been exposed to dietary chemicals as yet so this is a good to time obtain the benchmark value to compare to.
  4. 1 Minute Pre-Measurement. When you are ready to munch what you need to so is 1 minute before you eat a meal – record your pulse rate.
  5. Let the App Know When You Finished Your Meal. The app will then will remind you with an alert at 30min, 60min and 90min after you have eaten.
  6. Retest Your Pulse Rate. At the 30, 60 and 90 minute post-prandial alert times do another reading. The reason being you can show pulse rate sensitivity up to 1 and half hours after eating or drinking the offending substance.
  7. Done

How to Interpret the Results?

You will know if you have a problem if you have a raised heart rate, from the pre-testing value, of 16 beats or more per minute after the meal.

Use the app as a template to act like a food allergy scanner to check for symptoms that you can note in a food diary to help you isolate what ingredient is causing the unwanted effects on your health.

N.B. Just be aware that this app is not designed by the developers to give a medical diagnose of your intolerances or allergies. Always seek appropriate medical advise for a diagnosis of any kind.

Extra Bulletproof HRV Training Options

There are some complimentary extra’s built into the app to help you improve your heart rate variability even more. This includes a timed breath pacer display to help train heart rate variability (HRV). Then there is also the ability to track your HRV numbers during the day by using one of the recommended heart rate sensors you can strap to your chest discreetly under clothing.

The HRV training in this app isn’t the same as coherence training from HeartMathÂŽ. To train HRV to put you into a state of coherence you will need to use either a EmWave2 unit from HeartMathÂŽ or one of the HeartMath Inner Balance™ Sensors For Apple iOS options.

To practice the recommended coherence technique from HeartMathÂŽ you’ll need one of those two devices. Coherence training is used to biohack your heart and mind connection to reduce levels of stress and take control of your nervous system. Try practice this for 10 mins twice a day for 6 weeks and see how relaxed you feel in situations that used to stress you out. Managing stress levels is important as feeling stressed might make you want to eat junk food and sugary items for a quick brain fix. You will pay for it later though.

Thanks for reading, here is an image to pin to a food or diet board on pinterest.

how to find out if you are sensitive to certain foods