Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle Reviews

A major component to making the ultimate cup of coffee, is to use good water. Filtered water is ideal. This is to try keep a consistent flavor to your coffee. Then there is the question: “What is the best way to heat the water for your coffee?” This is where the type of kettle you use, to make coffee or tea, comes into play.

Not all kettles are made the same. One of the top personal and commercial use gooseneck kettles available, is the Bonavita variable temperature gooseneck kettle. An outstanding piece of kitchenware, essential for serious about coffee drinkers, like a barista or Bulletproof® Coffee fan. In fact, you would have seen Dave use one in his official how to make Bulletproof® Coffee youtube video.

Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle Review

Why Use a Bonavita Kettle to Make Coffee

  • Set the exact temperature you want the water heated to, no temperature overshoot
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius temeprature
  • 1% temperature accuracy (+/- 2° F) other electric kettles have 5% accuracy (+/- 10° F)
  • Get a real time display of actual temperature in the kettle
  • Hold button to maintain set kettle water temperature for up to one hour
  • Heat room temperature water to boiling water in about 5 minutes
  • UL rated kettle for household and commercial use in the US and Canada (from casual home barista to full-time coffee shop barista)
  • Count up timer option on the display for precise brewing time for French press, Aeropress, Hario pourover coffee methods, or, even Bulletproof® Tea steeping
  • Gooseneck spout for precise pouring like a professional barista demands
  • Base of the kettle is cool so safe to put on any kitchen counter top
  • 360° cordless kettle
  • It just looks cool in your kitchen 🙂

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Bonavita Kettle Manual and Instruction Papers

Here is the official instruction booklet for the Bonavita 1 liter gooseneck kettle model number BV382510V