Christmas Sales News & Year-End Deals on Bulletproof Products

Bulletproof Christmas presents under treeChristmas Day in the US will be on Monday, December 25 2017 this year & will be Tuesday, December 25 2018 next year.

This is a special time of year that brings families together to celebrate this annual tradition for so many around the world.

Trying to find Christmas presents to fill a stocking or put under the tree can be a challenge at times. This is where the year-end Bulletproof Christmas deals can come in handy.

You may have a loved one who has mentioned sometime over the year how they love this biohacking thing, and, have you heard how people put butter in coffee, take supplements put electrodes on their heads to wire their brain waves.

If you didn’t buy a gift during the Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday sale then this is the perfect occasion and time of year to surprise passionate biohackers with some goodies they have been wanting all year.

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When Does The Sale Begin?

It has already begun! Some wait for the 12 days of Christmas, but the specials have already started. All orders over $99 get a free Bulletproof gift whilst stocks last offer here. There are three options where you can get up to $50 in free store gifts!

Bulletproof year end deals

Get Your Bulletproof Christmas Presents Savings Deals

Free Gift Offer for December With Possible Free Bulletproof Travel Mug, Coffee Mug, Glass Beaker, Brain Octane Oil, Bulletproof Diet Roadmap and Free Shipping Offers to Be Had - Don't Miss Out!

Get Your Bulletproof Christmas Presents Savings Deals

Free Gift Offer for December With Possible Free Bulletproof Travel Mug, Coffee Mug, Glass Beaker, Brain Octane Oil, Bulletproof Diet Roadmap and Free Shipping Offers to Be Had - Don't Miss Out!

Top 3 Bulletproof Christmas Presents Ideas

Feeling a bit stumped as to what to get from the store for your husband, wife or loved ones? Here are our top 3 suggestions to help guide you.

1. Get a Bulletproof Kit

Selection of coffee kits to choose from

Loads of people get individual items over the course of the year. However, this is the time to go big and get a nice big present.

There are loads of cool pre-packaged bundles for you to choose from.

What is extra special is with the gift deal your order will easily enter one of the tiers to qualify for even more free gifts that you can keep for yourself or add to the presents someone lucky is already getting.

Check out the full selection of Bulletproof Kits available clicking here.

2. Get a Bulletproof Vibe

Bulletproof vibe plate

Everyone who stands on a vibe – falls in love with the vibe. Standing on a vibration plate is such an efficient physical biohack to do and it can be done everyday for only a few minutes day.

When new years day comes round and people start thinking gym memberships, having a vibe will blow that out the water. The machine is made to a very high standard and will last a very long time. Again, this is a very special gift to give someone. They will love being on their vibration platform starting Xmas Day.

Check out Bulletproof Vibe specs by clicking here.

3. Get an emWave2 from HeartMath

Heartmath emwave2

Adults gets stressed guaranteed. So helping someone feel less stress is such an amazing gift to give anyone.

The emwave2 HRV device will help a user get into a state of coherence. This is the happy place where you heart and mind are in sync which is very calming on the nervous system.

Unwrapping one of these biohacking gadgets is sure to give someone loads of joy as son as they get it started up and start practicing their heart rate variability training.

Click here to get the most popular emWave2 or one of the many other versions available.

4 Best Days to Shop in December

Shopping time in December for Xmas giftsThis December shopping season is always full of discounts and last minute deals to be had when it comes to buying all the items on your list. Especially on certain days.

Malls, markets and stores all around the country offer irresistible prices on their various goods.

You can use these end of year sale days to your advantage and save a few more bucks with your present buying budget.

1. Green Monday

The second Monday in December is known as Green Monday. It is said to be the new Cyber Monday. It first appeared on eBay, but it didn’t take long before it spread across the US retail stores like Wal-Mart. You might find loads of shops lower their prices on clothes, home goods, electronics, and gadgets. A lot of online stores, too, have satisfying deals on this new shopping day.

2. Free Shipping Day

If you’re looking for free shipping on all your products so that you are guaranteed to get them before Christmas, 16th December this year is the day for you. Otherwise known as Free Shipping Day, this is the time to get a hold of all items you need and score on the postage and package fee.

3. Super Saturday

Finally, it’s time to put a full stop to the pre-Christmas shopping (or begin with it) on the last Saturday before the holiday, known as Super Saturday. A lot of the stores work extended hours to attract as many customers as possible, making them perfect for last-minute shoppers. Dads looking for a bargain can watch out for this time so they can buy the best new trendy toys and electronics at an affordable price.

But, the shopping doesn’t stop there. You get a last chance to redeem the gift cards and buy yourself something beautiful for just a few bucks during the post-Christmas sales which usually happen on Monday after the celebration.

4. Day After Christmas

In the United States, the day after is a public holiday in certain states. Usually, schools and some stores aren’t working, persuading people to take vacation days off work to spend some time more with their families.

On the other side of the pond, however, the Brits celebrate Boxing Day. As the name suggests, they pack leftovers, money, and other gifts in boxes and give them to the less fortunate. Aside from this, this day is a huge shopping day across the United Kingdom and its former colonies. Something similar to Black Friday, the Britons get the best deals on their most-wanted products. Some even postpone their Christmas shopping for this day. The same applies to their Canadian counterparts, while this tradition remains unknown in the USA.

Why Is Christmas Day on the 25th December?

But how did it all begin? Why do we celebrate Christmas on the 25th December? What happens before and after this great holiday? We’ll cover everything here! So let’s get in the holiday mood together!

Nowadays, Christmas holds a great value both in a religious and commercial sense. However, the holiday as we know it today didn’t exist until the nineteenth century.

In the ancient times, even before Christ was born, people still gathered together in the middle of winter to celebrate life and light and hope for a better year.

In various countries, these days of celebration were given different names such as Winter Solstice and Yule.

While these happened in the north, in Rome where it was much warmer, the feasting took a slightly different turn. There the natives honoured the god Saturn and later the god Mirtha. However, the wish to mark Jesus’s birth rose in the Christian world in the fourth century. The only problem was that the Bible didn’t state the exact day Jesus came to the world.

So, after the Pope chose it, December 25 was pronounced as the date when Christmas is observed. It coincided with the pagan winter solstice celebrations in Rome, which provided the perfect chance to absorb some of those traditions. Another suggestion is that the date was picked because it was believed that Mary got the news of the very special baby on 25th March. And 25th December is nine months later!

In any case, starting from the 1800s this day has been marked with the well-known customs ranging from decorating a tree, exchanging presents and waiting for Santa Clause to arrive.

Other Names For Father Christmas Around the World

Although he is called different names, Santa Clause is the face of this happy season. Based on Saint Nicholas of Myra, he is the one that brings happiness to the children with his bag full of presents. Here are some of the names associated with this character:

  • Santa Claus in the USA and Canada
  • Father Christmas in the UK
  • Saint Nicholas in Europe
  • Papai Noel in Brazil
  • Kerstman in the Netherlands
  • El Nino Jesus in Spain
  • Ded Moroz in Russia
  • Dedo/Deda Mraz in Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Black Peter in Morocco
  • Joulupukki in Finland
  • Shengdan Laoren in China
  • Julenisse in Scandinavia
  • Pere Noel in France
  • Saint Nikolaus and Weihnachtsmann in Germany
  • Babbo Natale in Italy
  • Hoteiosho in Japan
  • Kanakaloka in Hawaii
  • Viejo Pascuero in Chile
  • Tel-apo and Mikulas in Hungary
  • Swiety Mikolaj in Poland
  • Kaledu Senelis in Lithuania
  • Santa Claus, Baba in India
  • Babadimri in Albania

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you have a festive end joyous time with the loved ones around you on the day and over the festive period.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂