Best Bulletproof Coffee Equipment to Get

Barista quality coffee making equipmentHere you will find some of the simplest and best products that you can use to help you make the perfect cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

These kitchen appliance products are shipped from Amazon. This means most products shown below are available to purchase in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia & anywhere else that Amazon delivers.

The product guides below are listed to help you find the best coffee making equipment for any price range; be it budget to luxury. You will be able to find the cheapest entry level items all the way up to the most expensive top of the range recommended options.

Please Note: None of the following products are officially endorsed by Dave Asprey and product ideas were gained from coffee fans from around the world.

To make yourself both look and feel like the best Bulletproof® Coffee barista in the world; it starts by using the various kitchen equipment tools below.

Once you have all the official coffee ingredients in your kitchen, you’ll want to make coffee or tea like a professional coffee shop barista or a coffee hacker like at the Santa Monica, CA Bulletproof Coffee store. If you need to restock your cup of joe or tea supplies, you can buy any type of coffee like: Bulletproof caffeinated coffee beans, Bulletproof decaf coffee beans or Bulletproof coffee cartridges.

Bulletproof Coffee Equipment

Best Coffee Grinders

Baratza best grinder for Bulletproof coffee

Product NameItem DescriptionPrice
1. Baratza Encore Coffee GrinderBest entry level electric grinder for Bulletproof coffee to use at home. 40 individual grind settings, from fine to coarse.Get Latest Price
2. Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee MillExcellent manual grinder for Bulletproof coffee. Adjustable grind settings available.Get Latest Price
3. Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee GrinderMust have travel friendly grinder. Use this along with an AeroPress when on the road or camping.Get Latest Price

Grinding whole beans just before brewing them will both enhance the flavor extraction and produce the absolute best experience from your beans purchase.

It turns out that it’s actually easy and simple to be able to grind fresh coffee consistently like a professional – if you use the right tools of course. If you are going to invest the money in a professional coffee grinder for your beans then it is recommended to get a ceramic burr grinder.

When you use a ceramic canonical burr it helps to:

  1. Protect the delicate coffee oils from excess heat,
  2. Helps you grind the coffee to a consistent size (fine to coarse).

Other coffee mill grinders use a steel burr coffee grinder or steel blade coffee grinder. The problem with them is they can create excess heat and produce inconsistent grind size.

1. Manual Burr Coffee Grinders

Hario are a leading coffee supplier. The Hario Skerton hand-crank coffee mill does a great job at producing a consistent grind plus it has a special feature. It has a handy lid to cover the whole beans tray. You need this so when you are turning the handle that the beans don’t jump out or accidentally spill out over the kitchen counter or floor. It happens trust me.

Porlex is another Japanese company and it specialises in food grinders. This is an interesting hand grinder.

Since it has a stainless steel exterior it is more durable for biohackers who do lots of air travel & road trips for business or pleasure. It has a static free body to stop the coffee grinds getting stuck inside the container.

Plus, it can fit inside an AeroPress for compact travelling.

That’s how you get to feel like an awesome travel coffee hacker 🙂

The Hario mini coffee mill slim grinder (MSS-1 1101) is designed to be small for easy storage and quick 1-2 cup grinding. It comes with a lid to stop beans going all over the place, but there is one very interesting feature users have found – you can dispense the ground coffee straight into an AeroPress. Apparently, people discovered that the mill fits perfectly in the mouth of the AeroPress.

2. Electric Burr Coffee Grinders

Now we are talking! Use these electric operated ceramic grinders when your are running a low-carb high-fat coffee shop from your kitchen. These are perfect when hosting party guests around your place and when your family or friends pop round to visit 🙂

The Baratza encore conical burr with bin to catch the grinds is the ultimate home electric grinder. With 40 adjustable grind settings this is a machine used by experts when needing different grind sizes accuracy from coarse drip/manual brew to fine grinds for espresso. Users also live it for creating minimal static in the collection tray which happens with other makes. This is the best for the $100-$200 price range.

The Bodum bistro electric burr grinder is a great choice for those looking in the $50-$100 price range. It will give you a great professional experience for the price. Expect to get consistent grind size results each time you use it. Click a link below to read one of the over 1500 reviews, testimonials and 4-star user ratings from others who purchased it on Amazon.

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Best Coffee Makers

Hario best coffee maker for Bulletproof coffee

Product NameItem DescriptionPrice
1. Hario Olive Wood French PressUse as a daily coffee maker for Bulletproof coffee. Can make up to 4 cups of brewed coffee.Get Latest Price
2. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee MakerQuick & uber convenient coffee maker for Bulletproof coffee. Brilliant when travelling or needing to make 1 cup at a time.Get Latest Price
3. Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee MakerWorks well with Bulletproof Coffee pods. Programmable classic style with very high user ratings on Amazon.Get Latest Price
4. Hario Cafeor O2 Stainless Steel Coffee DripperEasy to clean drip coffee maker for Bulletproof coffee. Perfect for making pour over coffee. Get Latest Price
There are different ways to brew coffee.

The Bulletproof way is to brew Upgraded™ coffee beans using the steeping  or boiled coffee brewing method. For this the French Press coffee maker (cafetière) is normally easiest to use.

There are other methods like, drip coffee, to experiment with according to your taste preference and ease of use if your at home or traveling on the road.

Pro Tip: Try not use a paper filter method like a normal electric drip brewer. You will be missing out on the good coffee oils.

1. Hario French Press Coffee Maker

2. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

Stainless Steel Filters made for AeroPress

Use a stainless steel reusable metal filter for an AeroPress instead of the normal paper filters to get the healthy coffee oils. Find out more about using an AeroPress to make BP coffee here.

S Filter from Kaffeologie
Standard or Fine DISK Coffee Filter from Able Brewing

3. Pour Over Coffee Makers

Hario Paperless Pour Over

Chemex® Coffeemaker

Kone Metal Coffee Filter for Chemex® coffeemaker

4. Single Cup Coffee Makers

Keurig K-Cup Coffee Brewing Machines

Use these coffee pod cartridges for using in a single-serving coffee brewing machine. They are compatible with the Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system classic and 2.0 versions. They are not compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. The programmable Keurig K55 gets rave reviews from users.

Ground Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Scoop Coffeemaker doesn’t need pre-packaged K-Cup packs or coffee pods. Instead, it comes with a mesh scoop filter. Grind your Upgraded coffee and scoop it in to brew up to 14 ozs. into travel cup or coffee mug.

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Best Blenders

Blendtec best blender for bulletproof coffee

Blender ModelFeaturesBlending PowerPrice
1. Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide JarHigh quality & fast blender for Bulletproof coffee. Costs more, but worth it.1,560 WattsGet Latest Price
2. Vitamix Standard BlenderPrecision variable speed control blender for Bulletproof coffee. Refurbished version is good alternative.1,490 WattsGet Latest Price
3. Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)1000 watts of power makes this a top 3 choice blender for Bulletproof coffee.1,100 WattsGet Latest Price
First rule of the Bulletproof fan club you need a blender, the second rule of the Bulletproof fan club you need a blender!

Jokes aside, you must be able to blend all the vital healthy fats, like the grass-fed butter, ghee, XCT or Brain Octane oil into the coffee in order to get the maximum benefit and perfect taste.

“What is the best blender for making Bulletproof® coffee?” there are two preferred choices.

The Vitamix & Blendtec blenders are the top two choices that Dave recommends most often to use as a blender for hot coffee & hot liquids. They are the most expensive options, but they get the job done every time. The difference between the two is not that much, but the Vitamix is supposed to be better for making Bulletproof iced coffee in the Summer.

Here are some other choices depending on your budget:

1. Basic Milk Frother

A simple electric milk frothing tool like this Kuissential Slickfroth might suffice. It is easy to pack when traveling which makes it convenient at airports, hotels and camp sites. It doesn’t have much power, which is the downside to using it.

If you are looking for the best travel blender then we suggest just to get either the Bulletproof travel mug or insulated stainless bottle. You would put everything into either bottle and then just shake it all up whilst holding onto it. Does a decent job when on the road.

2. Handheld Blender

Some people want a hand immersion blender as a step up from the milk frother, but might not have the budget, or kitchen top space, to invest in one of the recommended powerful blenders. The KitchenAid KHB2351CU might do the trick. Things can get messy when using an immersion blender so you need something deep enough so it doesn’t froth or spill out.

Hamiliton Beach Blender

3. Magic Bullet Blender

4. Ninja Professional Blender

5. Vitamix Blender

6. Blendtec Blender

Then there is the professional version. If you run a food truck, coffee shop, cafe or restaurant then this is the one to get. It dampens the sound from the blender to make it one of the quietest food blenders available plus it you can use it for paleo batters, mixed drinks, low carb smoothie, frozen desserts, green whole juice, and making hot soup or broths.

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Best Kettles

Bonavita variable temperature electric kettle

Kettle ModelFeaturesBoiling PowerCordless KettleWater Temperature DisplayElectricPrice
1.7 Litre Bonavita Gooseneck Variable Temperature Electric KettleHeats water fast to within one degree precision temperature control. Great for making lots of hot drinks.1,500 WattsYesYesYesGet Latest Price
1 Litre Bonavita Gooseneck Variable Temperature Electric KettleSmaller water capacity version of the one above with the same precision temperature and pouring control.1,000 WattsYesYesYesGet Latest Price
1.2 Litre Coffee Gator Pour Over KettleGreat stove top kettle with built in thermometer in the lid and gooseneck spout for precision pour over coffee ability. Not electric powered.n/aYesYesNoGet Latest Price

The Bonavita range of kettles are a speciality coffee experts dream kettle:

  • Get amazing control of the water temperature with the touch of a button. Adjust how hot you want your water to within 2° Fahrenheit or 1° Celsius accuracy!
  • Precision pouring with the gooseneck spout option (helps you pour water into any brewing equipment like a pro)
  • Built in digital clock timer (helps you control brewing time down to the second),
  • Bonavita kettles have a commercial UL rating. This means they can be used either at home in your kitchen or even in businesses like retail coffee shops used by a full-time barista.

1. Bonavita 1.0 Liter Gooseneck Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

If you want to pour your hot water over your freshly ground coffee beans like a professional barista then this is the kettle to use.

2. Bonavita 1.7 Liter Gooseneck Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

The larger 1.7L Bonavita gooseneck kettle is a new addition to the Bonavita Kettle range. It is perfect for bigger families who make more hot beverages and need more boiled water in one go. This is also perfect for boiling water first to then put in a big pot for cooking too.

3. Bonavita 1.7 Liter Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

If the thin gooseneck spout is not your style and your personal preference is a more traditional kettle look then you are in luck. You are still able to get the best of both with a more traditional pouring spout plus the adjustable accurate temperature control with this version.

4. Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

If you prefer heating your water on a stove top versus an electric kettle then this 1.2 liter capacity kettle could do the trick.

It has a thermometer built into the lid to help you see how hot the water is so you can take it off the heat once it has reached your desired temperature. The gooseneck spout and easy to hold handle gives that traditional barista feel.

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Best Water Filters

best water filter soma pitcher

Product NameItem DescriptionPrice
1. Soma Water FilterBest entry level water filter for Bulletproof coffee to use at home. Convenient kitchen counter water jug with replaceable filters.Get Latest Pricing
2. Big Berkey Water Filter SystemExcellent gravity water filter system. Charcoal plus chloride filter to help clean up tap water. Large storage volume and long-term use filters. Get Latest Pricing
3. iSpring CU-A4 4-Stage Ultrafiltration Drinking Water SystemPerfect for a more premium installed home water filtration system that fits under a kitchen sink to filter direct tap water supply.Get Latest Pricing

To make good tasting coffee the quality of the water you use is a vital component.

As the famous quote says:

Water is the most essential element of life, because without water, you can’t make coffee.

1. Soma Water Filter

The best water filter to use at home would be this Soma Water Filter. You get a stylish looking water pitcher that will not only look great on a kitchen top, but is designed to help get rid of the heavy metals, chlorine & bad stuff in water. It is BPA free of course, plus, the company donates to water charities.

You can get it in the 10-cup jug style or the classy, biohacking looking 6-cup carafe glass carafe

Water Pitcher

Glass Carafe

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Best Coffee Mugs

What you put your coffee into matters. Even the best coffee in the world can be made bad by putting it into a styrofoam coffee cup. Invest in a good coffee cup or mug to enjoy looking at it, holding it and looking the part.

1. Bulletproof Glass Beaker

You so need one of these to look like a proper coffee hacker.

The beaker makes it look like your have made some special potion or health elixir. There is nothing better than being able to see the head of foam on your coffee or Bulletproof Cacao Tea.

Buy a Branded Bulletproof Glass Beaker Here Today.

Glass Bulletproof beaker

2. Bulletproof Travel Mug

When you need to take your hot drink or coffee on the go then you need a something that won’t spill in the car when you are driving, or at work by your desk.

Make commuting more pleasurable sipping on your favorite drink plus looking the part with this branded travel flask. It is stainless steel and BPA-free. It is designed by specialist travel mug maker Contigo so it is designed to be spill proof and keep the heat in whilst making it not too hot that you can’t hold it straight away.

As a bonus you can use it to shakeup your butter, MCT oil and coffee mix. This is the best way how to make Bulletproof coffee without a blender.

Buy a Branded Bulletproof Travel Mug Here Today.

Bulletproof travel mug

3. Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

Glass and coffee? Don’t worry Bodum design is born in Denmark and headquartered in Switzerland. These are beautifully to look at and designed as thermal regulating glass for both hot and cold liquids. They are great for:

  • Keeping your coffee hot for longer,
  • Making your coffee cup not too hot to hold straight away,
  • Best of all, getting to see how thick and luscious you’ve made the head of foam by blending together all your butter or ghee and MCT oil. Perfect for taking photos to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…

Take the enjoyment of drinking your ritual morning cup of joe to a new level. Drinks are made to be drunk out of certain cups or glasses. Think of expensive wine for example what you drink it out of makes the experience even better. Start doing the same with you cup of java.

When you hold one of these in your hands it takes things to a premium level every time. It looks stylish plus they will impress friends and family at the same time they see you holding ones of European crafted products.

If you want more of a coffee mug look and the holding a handle feel then this is the option for you. You get all the same benefits of the temperature controlling glass as above.

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Best Timers & Kitchen Scales

The reason why you will need a kitchen scale is to help you weigh the correct amount of coffee beans, grass fed butter or other foods used in Bulletproof® Diet recipes. If you’ve forgotten or don’t know the exact amounts use guide amounts on the Bulletproof® Coffee recipe here.

You do need an analogue or digital timer to know exactly how long you have been brewing your coffee, that is why we recommend using the Bonavita kettle above. Upgraded™ coffee beans should be brewed for 4 minutes if you are using the French press method.

Digital Kitchen Scales

The Ozeri professional digital kitchen scale is a beautifully designed digital scale for absolute measurement accuracy requirements when measuring your green zone foods on the diet poster or grams of freshly ground coffee beans.

Hario is a Japanese specialist tea and coffee equipment manufacturer. They have been making heatproof glassware since 1921. Their version of a coffee scale comes with a digital timer built-in. P.S. these are the ones normally spotted behind the counter of boutique third-wave coffee shops.

Mechanical Kitchen Scales

If you don’t want a battery operated scale this is a good option. If you prefer the larger, easy to read dial and want to measure heavier weight items up to 22lbs then the Norpro kitchen scale should do the job just fine.

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