Bulletproof Coffee Scam: Is Dave Asprey Legit or a Fraud?

Is making coffee with butter a scam or real?The short answer is no – Bulletproof Coffee is not a scam. This high fat coffee is the real deal and many people make their coffee this way for lots of different health benefit reasons.

Are you wondering if putting unsalted grass-fed butter and MCT oil into your cup of joe is good for you? Are you maybe skeptical that drinking something with high saturated fat content is actually beneficial for your overall health? Making butter coffee is a real concept and is something loads of biohackers do everyday.

In this comedy skit you can check out these two guys doing a unique n=1 biohacking experiment. It is funny to watch them showing you their results of just exactly how bullet proof you will feel when you try drinking this type of ketogenic coffee 🙂 Again this is a joke and not what really happens.

Who Recommends Butter Coffee

Here is just a small sample of the thousands of people who make coffee with butter and MCT oil and recommend others do so too.

Medical Professionals Testimonials

Some people might be worried or skeptical about this type of advise and think Dave is a con2. Well it isn’t and he is not. Tons of medical doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals are promoting the low carbohydrate high-fat diet movement to reduce daily refined sugar intake.

There was even a Fat Summit hosted by functional medicine doctor, Dr Mark Hyman, who interviewed Dave and many others experts in the LCHF diet field. The goal is to lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle diseases that can be fixed by eating the correct foods3.

Celebrities Testimonials

Then there are numerous celebrity endorsements from Hollywood actors and actresses, famous singers, professional cross-fit athletes, motivational speakers and more. Some examples would be Ed Sheernan, Jeremy Piven (a.k.a Ari Gold), Kelly Starrett and many more.

Ed Sheeran Bulletproof Coffee ReviewEd Sheeran is a UK born singer and songwriter who was nominated for Best New Artist at the 56th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in 2014. Ed was being interviewed at this prestigious annual music industry awards ceremony. It is like the Oscars for musicians.

At the 2014 Grammy Awards Ed Sheeran was filmed during an interview with a red carpet reporter saying how much he loved Bulletproof® Coffee. In the video below you’ll hear a positive endorsement from Ed about how he gets excited about drinking a cup of coffee mixed with real butter and ketone producing MCT oil.

He explains how he has sustained energy levels because he was able to drink it at 3am and stay awake easily for 24 hours.

Hopefully more celebrities will be swopping out their milk and cream in their coffee’s with some healthy grassfed butter and C8 oils.

Recommended by Biohackers

A great place to hear all the testimonials and stories from others who have followed Daves’ advise is at the annual Bulletproof Conference. This is a time of year when thousands of people from countries across the world come together to network, try out new health devices and listen to some world-class speakers on many different aspects of optimal health.

Over the three days the biohacking event you wouldn’t believe how much butter and different types of Bulletproof coffee are consumed. If you were ever worried about even having just one cup per day then you got to come see people drinking 3-5 cups per day and no problems.

Fake Bulletproof Coffee Scam Review

I hope you agree the guys did a good job. This is one of the funniest comedy review videos out there about what happens when you drink Bulletproof® coffee which of course was invented by famous biohacker, Dave Asprey.

So what was the ultimate point of that making this scam video? The ultimate message is that blending real butter with medium chain triglyceride oils, like C8 oil – brain octane oil, into freshly brewed coffee or tea is positive for overall physiology and is not a con. That is, of course, as long as you don’t take the terminology of the word literally and think you can stop bullets 😉

Dave Asprey Answers Back

Here is a personal message reply from the Dave, the Bulletproof Executive himself. This was Daves answer back on the scam question. Of course he is having some fun back with his response to the makers of the comedy clip above.

Dave is the person who trademarked the phrase Bulletproof® Coffee. He is the man who coined the term and started the original recipe. He is responsible for this new popular up and coming health trend to eat more fats like butter, olive oil and coconut oil in your diet.

He uses his version of a high fat diet coffee with added refined coconut oil to help produce a state nutritional ketosis1. The goal is to help raise blood ketones, like β-hydroxybutyrate, so your brain can function better and you manage your weight more efficiently.

Bulletproof Coffee is Legit Conclusion

Again this is a real thing and many people do this everyday and have so for many years now and so should you. Please go ahead and try it out for the first time if you haven’t already.

Use some of the links on this site to help guide you on how to get started and pro tips for making it taste amazing and different ways to make it. When you are choosing one of the official products available if you would like some savings too we would suggest using a Bulletproof coupon code to save 10% here when you get some of the real products.