Investment Money is Pouring Into the Bulletproof Coffee Lifestyle Concept

Bulletproof Company LogoIf you have been following Dave Asprey over the years you would have noticed how much his personal and company brand, Bulletproof®, have grown over the years. It all started as a concept on how to make yak butter tea into yak butter coffee, then into butter coffee with coconut oil, then butter coffee with MCT oil in order to get the maximum ketone benefit for weight loss and reducing brain fog.

Well since that initial cup of low carb high fat coffee Dave has managed to turn his passion into a multi-million dollar business. People are flocking to his online store and we can see a glimpse by how many people love to use his monthly promo codes and coupon codes we have listed here. No public sales figures are disclosed as the company, based in Seattle, is privately owned and so doesn’t disclose income and expenditure figures. However, in 2015 there was multi million US dollar injection. Make it more like $9 million cash flow injection.

Gus Tai
Source: Trinity Ventures

Trinity investment’s Gus Tai explained the venture capital companies reasons for deciding to invest a large sum of money into Dave’s company and Bulletproof health products. You can read all their reasons in this article “Trinity Backs Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof With $9M For Butter Coffee, Nootropics” on Tech Crunch Jul 23 2015.

It is great to see investors money flowing into companies that can help make people healthier. It is especially unique seeing that a lot of what Dave recommends when it comes to losing weight in the short and long-term is to use fat! Yes, the apparently deadly, horrible, supposed weight gaining stuff that the US and other governments from around the world have told people, for decades, to limit dramatically in their monthly grocery shopping bills and daily intake.

In the decades before the US standard diet food pyramid came into effect people use to consume large amounts butter and lard per annum. That all changed when state wide nutrition policy changed. However, the tide has turned dramatically! Sales of butter have now soared past alternatives like margarine. News articles and latest research since about 2010 have started showing how maybe we got it all wrong about fat. Turns out the good natural saturated fats like butter and coconut oil are good for our heart health.

It is easy to see why a company, like Trinity Ventures, wants to jump the gun and be an early adopter in an upcoming business that is leading the way when it comes to producing and distributing healthy fat products.

The money appears to have helped Dave expand his growing health product line including the new Fat Water range. The money is also being used to start converting the online ecommerce business into a retail one with shop fronts in the form of coffee shops.

The first ever Bulletproof coffee shop opened its doors in Santa Monica. You can take a tour of what it looks like in the side by watching the video below. The funny thing is this coffee shop is in the same business premises as where a Starbucks franchise used to be. Could Dave be the next Starbucks? I’m sure he is hoping to be.

So it is great to see the biohacking community grow and help move the ketogenic diet movement into the next level of mainstream society. I can see it helping to alleviate so many common lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes that are economically draining away the available healthcare resources and personal incomes of so many people. Not only the population of the United States, but internationally in other countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore etc…

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