What is a Coupon Code?

How to Save Money Online with Promo CodesIf you live outside the US then maybe you aren’t quite sure what exactly is a coupon code? These unique codes are a great way to get various discounts on everyday items or special gifts you buy in either a big physical store like a Walmart or even your local pizza restaurant looking to promote business in local town. However, not only can you use them in a physical store, but also online ecommerce stores too like Bulletproof.com coupons.

Couponing is when you go looking for these codes in magazines, local newspapers, ads, websites in order to save money per month. Some people save hundreds of dollars per month by knowing how to find these codes and not being shy to use them like these guys.

3 Types of Coupon Codes Available

According to coupons.com there are three main types of website coupons that most online stores promote. You’ll find these here on ilovebuttecoffee.com

  1. “Click to Reveal the Code” – this is when a person surfing a website would need to click a button to reveal a hidden area that would show the specific text or numbers making up a code. These are used to unveil hidden discounts for a brand or specific product. for example there might be a time limited code like Dave has done before on upgradedself.com or bulletproof.com
  2. “Click to Save” – these type of links take you straight to product page on the specific online store for that brand. In this case you wouldn’t need to enter a promotional code in the checkout area as the product is already discounted automatically for you. For example Bulletproof coffee kits are cheaper than buying each item individually so why not just send you straight to help you save money.
  3. “Printable Coupons” – this is more for online stores that have a physical outlet too. In this case you would be able to print the savings code off your computer and take the paper code to the physical shop to claim your discount on the goods you purchase. For example if Dave ever decides to use this option you would cut the coupon out and take it to maybe the Bulletproof Coffee Shop in Santa Monica to claim a discount at till point there instead.

How Do They Work?

Ok so you got some examples of the different types of promo codes available, but maybe you still don’t quite grasp the concept. Well according to Wikipedia the definition is:

In marketing, a coupon is a ticket or document that can be redeemed for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

It is concept used by marketing teams to help promote more sales. Every business owner or company should be using something like this to help get more customers and more sales for the business. It just makes sense – why wouldn’t you except in a few types of businesses maybe.

How to Use Them

Once you have the unique text or combination of letters and numbers you’ll need to enter them somewhere to activate the discount to your order.

For most online merchants this is when you get to the checkout part of the stores websites. Here you’ll be able to see what products you have clicked to place in your online shopping cart, what each item costs and how much the total cost with or without shipping fees included. There should also be a box/area called “Discount Code” or “Promotional Code”. Basically an area that says to you if you have a savings code then please enter it here to try activate the code. This is when you copy and paste your coupon into this area and press enter to see if it is still valid as some expire and how much of a percentage discount was applied to your online order.

Source: webopedia.com

That’s it. Once you get into the swing of couponing you’ll want to do it all the time. Some people look to stack coupons and some even like to practice extreme couponing!!! Watching someone drop their checkout total from tens or hundreds of dollars to just a few cents is incredible to see how it is done. That is exactly what you can see being done in this video below:

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