The Bulletproof Diet Review

Dave Asprey is revolutionising the way the world looks at fat. No longer do we need to demonise this nutrient. What is being discovered is that in fact we need to eat healthy fats to be healthy.

Dave has been spreading his message through various channels. You may have heard him on his super popular iTunes podcast called Bulletproof Radio, you may have read his informative blog, you may have even attended one of the live Bulletproof biohacking conferences. Well he has also finally released his revolutionary diet The Bulletproof Diet to the public. It is based on eating lots of healthy fats, good quality protein and low carb and toxin foods.

This is a a bit like a modified paleo diet that falls more within in the ketogenic diet category, which Bulletproof Exec fans would say has been upgraded or biohacked.

The world has been advised for decades to avoid fat in the diet, especially saturated fats. However, modern thinking and research is opening up the idea that maybe that advise was wrong and in fact we haven’t been eating the right way at all. Looking at lifestyles diseases like: obesity, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and atherosclerosis all appear to be on the rise in the United States. We know food is medicine and we should let food be the best medicine we have, but the current Standard American Diet is not working as expected.

The Book

Dave is released his New York Times Best Seller diet book in December 2014. It is titled “The Bulletproof Diet – Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life“.

The dietary book is stuffed full of hints and tips on everything that Dave advises to achieve rapid weight loss and long-term optimal health. He should know what he says works because if you didn’t know Dave used these exact techniques to overcome being overweight and in poor health. He is not afraid to say how he used to weigh 300 pounds, and that was definitely not muscle. Dave tells how in is 20’s during the height of his business success as a Silicon Valley multi-millionaire he was doing things all wrong. He followed the health advise of doctors at the time and exercised regularly during the week at the gym doing weights and cardiovascular workouts. He also followed a low calorie eating plan of only 1800 calories per day. The results were sub-optimal and in fact he was falling into the lifestyle diseases category. Something had to change.

What Makes It Different?

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin food quote
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin  – The Father of Low Carbohydrate Diets Food Quote

You could say Dave recommends a ketogenic, biohacked paleo type dietary plan.

The principles are aligned to the paleo world. The more natural you can source food ingredients the better they are for human physiology. That is why there is such an emphasis on eating things like grassfed meat and butter from cows that are raised on a grassy pasture. These details make a difference.

However, Dave goes into way more detail by analysing the likelihood of how different ingredients, even natural ingredients, are to either enhance your performance or harm your performance both physically and mentally.

When Dave ran his 3 Day Live Bulletproof Lifestyle TV show on creative live he spilled the beans (not real beans they aren’t in the green zone) on how we should be analyzing what we choose to eat every day at meal times. That show shed light on so many topics of discussion from his followers.

Here is a clip from of Dave discussing why the diet works.

The goal is to be in a cyclical state of nutritional ketosis which is vastly different from a state of ketoacidosis which diabetics suffer.

According to Wikipedia the definition of a ketogenic diet is:

“A high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet”

The list of foods Dave recommends include lots of different types of fat. You’ll be consuming lots of saturated fat, medium chain triglycerides, essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA, short-chain and long chain fatty acids. Consuming the majority of your energy from fat helps you achieve a state of nutritional ketosis.

This form of ketosis has many exciting health benefits. Dominic D’Agistino is Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida College Of Medicine, Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology. He is a scientific researcher who lives predominately in a state of ketosis. He is a Bulletproof Radio guest on podcast episode #85. Dominic explains why using ketones for energy instead of mainly glucose is so good for us. He even did a great TEDx talk in Tampa Bay discussing Navy Seals using it and cancer management.

Now can you see why Dave gets excited about putting butter and MCT oil in his morning cup of coffee. Our brains love ketones. This the mental clarity and cognitive boosts people feel when they stop the sugar addiction and become fat adapted.

The Bulletproof Diet Book

You can order either the hardback, kindle version or audio CD of the “The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Your Energy and Focus, and Upgrade Your Life” New York Times Best Selling diet book.

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Specific Bulletproof Diet for Women Advice

There is a difference in how male body and female body work. Women the world over can struggle to drop the pounds whereas their male partners seem to have no problems. You can listen and watch Dave speak to a female weight loss group.
Dr Tammy Tucker weight loss expert for womenIn the following interview, female weight loss expert and CEO of Project Fabulous, Dr Tammy Tucker shares a group discussion she had with the Bulletproof Executive, Dave Asprey.

This is a highly informative, knowledge packed talk where a huge list of topics like, Bulletproof diet weight loss, where discussed. There was a particular focus on women eating Bulletproof diet food. You will find keypoints and the appropriate links in the summary points below the video.

Anything in particular you want to ask leave a comment on post in the Facebook page.

Dave Discusses Weight Loss Tips, Leptin Resistance, Exercise, Probiotics and More…

Executive Summary of the Talk:

  • Too much exercise is stressful on your hormones and body and won’t help with weight loss,
  • Using a whole body vibration plate 5-15 minutes per week is enough exercise like the Bulletproof® Vibe Whole Body Vibration Plate,
  • Or you can do high intensity, low repetition exercise for a Bulletproof body (Dr Doug McGuff from Big 5 movements book available).
  • Discussion on hormones like cortisol and testosterone,
  • Food cravings how Bulletproof® coffee is used to stop starvation feeling,
  • Why grass-fed butter from Kerrygold is better than commercial corn-fed butter,
  • Butyric acid in butter heals the gut and soothes inflammation in the brain,
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride oil can be used for weight loss,
  • Coconut oil does not raise cholesterol,
  • One tablespoon of pure C8 Brain Octane oil gives you the benefits of 18 tablespoons of coconut oil,
  • Dave years ago started out using 6 tablespoons of grass-fed butter before adding his upgraded MCT oil to the recipe,
  • MCT oil helps the Kreb cycle to produce more ATP cellular energy,
  • Women should start slowly with adding MCT oil,
  • Start with 1/2 a teaspoon per day to help support the thyroid,
  • Too much MCT oil might give you too much energy,
  • Intermittent fasting includes skip breakfast to help weight loss,
  • Athletes, MMA fighters and professional poker players use Bulletproof intermittent fasting to optimise energy levels and maintain weight,
  • Fat in the morning helps avoid stress on the body and keeps it in fat burning mode,
  • If your struggling to lose weight on intermittent fasting you probably have leptin resistance,
  • To fix this when you wake-up in the morning, within 30 minutes, add about 30g protein in your coffee for Bulletproof® coffee weight loss,
  • You could do it with a couple eggs, including the yolks, or a collagen protein,
  • Collagen helps heal the lining of arteries and is missing from most American diets,
  • Upgraded™ Collagen doesn’t taste like horrible gelatin, it has neutral flavor,
  • You can put it in your cup of coffee,
  • Mix protein and fat in your Bulletproof® coffee recipe, for 60-90 days if you have a lot of weight to loss, once you have lost enough weight you can back off the protein in the coffee and continue Bulletproof intermittent fasting where you skip breakfast and waiting till hunger after having a Bulletproof® coffee in the morning,
  • Yes you can survive on two meals a day and not snack,
  • Dave can easily wait 6 hours after waking in the morning before eating,
  • You can eat 3000 calories for dinner,
  • Try get up to 50% of your daily calories per day from healthy fats,
  • The Bulletproof Diet book launched in Jan 2014,
  • Bulletproof iPhone apps available and Android app coming soon,
  • Food sensitivity makes you feel weak,
  • IgG and IgE blood tests can be used,
  • Use the Bulletproof Food Detective food allergy app before you eat at a restaurant and after you finish the meal,
  • If your heart rate goes up more than 16 beats per minute then you ate something your sensitive too,
  • Eat eggs everyday unless you allergic to them,
  • Maybe the eggs you eat are a problem,
  • You will only know with a blood test or using the free Food sense app,
  • You can use the app with kids,
  • The infographic in the Bulletproof diet helps say which foods are more problematic,
  • Try for one week only eat foods on the least inflammatory side of the diet, then experiment with an inflammatory food to see if you feel different,
  • Beer is the most inflammatory substance,
  • Love handles or muffin tops is an immune response to your food,
  • Figure out your inflammatory trigger foods,
  • These foods make you eat more sugar for more energy to get rid of those toxins,
  • Gluten is not food for humans,
  • The safest carbs are sweet potato and white rice,
  • The time to eat these carbs for maximum weight loss is at dinner,
  • Carbs at night can help give a better quality sleep,
  • Just been interviewed by wall street journal on sleep hacking look at for the article,
  • Try a teaspoon of raw honey, not cooked honey, right before bed if on low sugar/carb diet,
  • This can help raise sugar stored in liver and improve sleep,
  • The brain needs energy to go through sleep cycles correctly,
  • Some people only need 1 tablespoon collagen and 1/2 tablespoon MCT oil before bed to sleep well,
  • Most can’t go to sleep on an empty stomach and it is a poor weight loss technique,
  • If you have poor blood sugar levels you likely have a poor cycle,
  • Smartphone sleep app called sleep cycle helps monitor sleep,
  • Remember keep your cellphone on airplane mode to avoid excess EMF exposure,
  • It senses when you turned over and helps monitor how well you slept,
  • You could test what you had before bed and how it affected your sleep,
  • Alcohol like a regular glass of wine for dinner before bed is bad for sleep quality,
  • Alcohol causes systemic inflammation over time,
  • Lets discuss probiotics and yogurt,
  • Use 5-10 grams of glutamine to help pro-hormone levels,
  • In some people it causes loads of energy so can’t take before you sleep,
  • Raw milk kefir can help heal the gut, commercial milk casein beaks down into caseomorphin and activate receptors in brain, similar to gluten which effects the brain and why you might crave bread,
  • Stomach acid will kill most the probiotic bacteria in yogurt,
  • There are two big classes of bugs in your gut Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes,
  • Lactobacillus common in yogurt makes you fat,
  • Bulletproof® coffee feeds the bacteria that makes you thin,
  • It is easier for guys to lose weight than women,
  • Women on the Bulletproof diet can lose 1/2 pound weight a day if they keep carbs low and have protein for breakfast,
  • They need to experiment with amounts,
  • Yogurt doesn’t get past stomach acid,
  • Probiotic capsules work,
  • Soil probiotics are best a good brand is Garden of Life Primal Defense,
  • Normal decaf coffee worst thing to drink because high in mycotoxins and highly inflammatory,
  • Upgraded™ Decaf coffee is made using the swiss water method & has been extensively tested,
  • What if you are not a coffee drinker drink?
  • Green tea is best and you can make Bulletproof Tea,
  • Instead of tea or coffee try Upgraded™ Vanilla Max mixed with coconut milk and warm water with some MCT oil and maybe a sweetener like stevia or xylitol.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂