Bulletproof Fathers Day Gift Ideas & Sale News

Day in the Life of a Bulletproof DadFathers Day in the US and UK was on Sunday, June 18 2017 & will be on Sunday June 17 2018.1

Did you know it is always on the third Sunday of June.

This is a day dedicated to celebrating the men of the family.

A father figure can be biological dads, step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and even other male relatives. If any are keen biohackers then you can grab one of the Bulletproof Fathers Day discounted deals here.

Hopefully the Bulletproof mothers day sale helped you get some awesome gifts for the mom of your life. Now it is time to help you with some cool biohacking gift ideas to be able to give a unique present to the dad in your life.

This is the perfect time of year wives and kids an opportunity to send a thank-you message to the men of the house and show some appreciation.
Show Your Dad Some Love Sale

Get Your Fathers Day Savings Deals

Massive Specials Revealed on Sunday Jun 19 2017 - Don't Miss Out!

Get Your Fathers Day Savings Deals

Massive Specials Revealed on Sunday Jun 19 2017 - Don't Miss Out!

When Does The Sale Begin?

Sunday, 18th of June 2017 at midnight EST time is the next sale. As soon as the doors open click the link below to get onto the deals section of the website.

How much discount can you expect? Well in previous years we have seen 20% off selected items. This is a great time of year to grab a discounted price!

Fathers Day Flash Product Sale

5 Bulletproof Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

There are so many cool gifts for men on the Bulletproof store. Here are some ideas to maybe help you choose what to get.

1. Bulletproof Coffee

Of course the giving the gift of premium coffee is always appreciated. Anyone who drinks coffee loves anything to do with coffee, especially Bulletproof Coffee. Instead of just getting a bag of Upgraded coffee have you thought about:

  • Going large and getting a 5lbs bag of coffee beans that will last a long time maybe as a big bonus for him?
  • How about getting the special man in your life a Bulletproof Ambassador kit that is named after a celebrity or sports personality who designed the kit. See the full selection available here.

2. Bulletproof Protein Bars

Men want to feel strong and look good. It is important for their self esteem but also to feel they can protect their families. This is where using Bulletproof protein options: like a bag of whey protein to help muscle growth or a bag of collagen or a bag of collagelatin for joint health and anti-inflammatory properties would always be a welcome present in any mans life.

3. Bulletproof Supplements

To achieve a state of Alpha male mindset and that you are not only physically strong, but mentally strong too will make a guy feel like a CEO. Being able to think straight and avoiding brain fog during business meetings and at work will make nay male feel great.

You have a couple of options to help boost his brain cells with:

  • Unfair Advantage – this stuff will wake up his mitochondria fast and get his central nervous awake and ready for any stressful situation it needs to deal with in the day.
  • CILTEP – this is something called a nootropic. Don’t worry it is definitely not a legal high it is designed for high powered individuals looking to improve memory like world memory champion, Mattias Ribbing, or be able to concentrate like professional Poker Star, Martin Jacobson. Both of this men use CILTEP which you can get here.

4. Bulletproof Branded Merchandise

When you start following a Bulletproof life and you see results and love how it makes you feel then you might want some cool branded swag to look like a proper biohacker. This ranges from mens hoodies, t-shirts and Bulletproof Labs or Dove logo branded caps and coffee cups. See the full selection of products available when you click here.

5. Amazon Gift Ideas

If you need a few more different kind of presents to make the day that likttle bit more special or there is something he has been wanting for a long time, but it isn;t available on the Bulletproof store then these are gifts for men on Amazon you might look to buy:

History Behind the Day

Upgraded Self Fathers DayWant to know the history behind the day, who came up with the concept and when it started?

Did you know that origins of Fathers Day in the US might be from the Monongah mining company accident in 1908 in West Virginia?(1) Many families fathers were killed in the catastrophe and so it was used as a day of remembrance for those who died. It was the governor of Washington state in the US who back on 19 June in 1910 who proclaimed the first official declaration of today is Fathers Day. Interestingly, it took another 58 year until 1972 when it became an official nationwide celebrated honourable holiday across the USA.

The day is an observance holiday. It is not one of the ten official federal holidays when workers can normally take time off work.(2)

The inspiration behind the day was actually mothers day. Some may say behind every good man is a good woman. Well especially in years gone by when gender inequality was massive in the home and workplace.

The bond between a son and his pop is a magical one that provides so much joy to both. The same goes for the bond between a dad and his daughter. Who would always be the apple of his eye.

Here is a beautiful Fathers Day quote that you can add as a message in a personalised card:

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad”

Image Credit: Julie, Dave and Family