Review of Bulletproof Products

Ready to achieve upgraded health? Fantastic! Below is the list of products available from the online store. Browse a comprehensive catalogue of all the currently and previously available health products. These are products that are recommended in these Bulletproof books available. If you have been to the Bulletproof Labs or one of the Bulletproof coffee shops then you would have also had a chance to use and try out some of these awesome products.

You’ll be able to find a range of supplements, food items, coffee, chocolate, biotech devices, software and more all used for biohacking an optimal state of mind, body and gut. These products have all been used, tested and endorsed by Dave Asprey (the Bulletproof Executive) over at the Bulletproof® official online store.

Please Note: On August 3, 2015 there was a rebranding away from using the, Upgraded Self brand name and lotus man logo for the products to the new official Bulletproof® brand name and armoured dove logo.

Goodbye Upgraded Self HELLO the NEW Bulletproof® Online Store!!!Check it out ➡️…

Posted by Bulletproof Coffee Fans on Monday, 3 August 2015

Available Bulletproof® Products

The goal is to help you biohack your bodies physiology so you help fix health and live feeling well. Click on each product listed below to review the ingredients label & why you should use a particular Bulletproof product.

Hot Drinks and Mixers Options

Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate


Food Options

Paleo and Ketogenic Fats

Protein and Collagen

Snacks and Munchies


Kits and Bundles

  • Coffee Starter Kit – XCT Oil Edition – (Ground or Whole Beans)
  • Coffee Starter Kit – Brain Octane Edition – (Ground or Whole Beans)
  • Coffee & Ghee Kit
  • InstaMix Starter Kit
  • Total Upgrade Kit
  • BP Amasadoor Amanda Allen Kit
  • BP Amasadoor Bree Schaaf Kit
  • BP Amasadoor Crosby Tailor Kit
  • BP Amasadoor Dave Driskell Kit
  • BP Amasadoor Luke Storey Kit
  • BP Amasadoor Juliet Starrett Kit
  • BP Amasadoor Rachele Brooke Smith Kit

Health Gadgets and Technology Devices

Clothing Gear and Kitchen Accessories

  • The Bulletproof Diet Book
  • The Bulletproof Cookbook
  • The Better Baby Book
  • Bulletproof Diet Roadmap Poster
  • Glass Beaker 14 oz.
  • Ceramic Coffee Mug
  • Dove Logo Travel Mug
  • AirScape Kitchen Canister
  • Mens and Womens Fleece Zip Hoodie (Black)
  • Womens Pullover Athletic (Grey color)
  • Womens T-Shirt (Slate color) Female
  • T-Shirt “Caffeine” (White color) Crew Male
  • T-Shirt “Caffeine Is My Drug…” (Black color) Female
  • T-Shirt “Butter Makes Me Happy” (Black color) Crew Male
  • Tank “Butter Makes Me Happy” (Black color) Female
  • Mens T-Shirt (Brown color) V-Neck Male
  • Womens T-Shirt (Grey color) Female
  • Mens T-Shirt (Grey color) Male
  • Womens T-Shirt (White color) Female
  • Mens T-Shirt (White color) Male
  • Gift Cards ($25, $50, $100)

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