Alitura Clay Mask Review: Andy Hnilo Skincare Product

Tub of Alitura Clay Mask for reviewThe Alitura clay mask was the first ever approved Bulletproof skincare and beauty personally used by Dave Asprey. Don’t you just love how good you feel on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof® Diet?

Exposing your body to regular, optimal nutrition allows the cells of your body to be the best they can be, including skin cells. All beauticians, dermatologists, actors and models who need good skin for their jobs will tell you how important it is what you eat. Healthy, radiant, blemish free skin starts from the inside-out.

However, there is another new biohacking option for better looking skin. It is called the Alitura clay mask invented by Andy Hnilo. Finally something you can put on your skin that you can trust and is designed to only give good results now, and the long-term.

Who Is Andy Hnilo?

Andy is the genius who discovered the unique formula for the best clay mask you can get. The name Alitura comes from the Latin meaning for feeding and nourishing.(1)

Personal Story

Andy is a famous professional actor and model, and now a Bulletproof ambassador, who was involved in a major road traffic accident in California. That horrific accident could have not only ended Andy’s career as a model, but also his life.

He needed to repair his skin fast from what the doctors had to do to stitch and wire his face and body back together. He could have been left with terrible aesthetics including scarring and deformity. Read his full story here.

The Benefits of This Mask

Andy HniloWhy would you want to put mud or clay on your face? The answer, detoxification.

The Alitura clay mask is designed to help detoxify your skin cells and tighten your face by removing dead epidermis cells and oily skin problems through its gentle yet amazing exfoliation abilities.

  • Get rid of old skin cells
  • Reduce appearance of pores
  • Help stimulate better blood flow to the face and scalp
  • Rejuvenate a youthful appearance

Who Can Use the Product?

You know why the mask is good for you, but is it only for women? Definitely NOT!

Andy is a male model. He is a guy who works out and requires his body to be strong, look strong and have good looking skin for photo shoots and T.V and movie sets.

  • Teenagers with problem skin
  • Women of all ages who want to look and feel good
  • Men who are in the office all day, out in the sun and exposed to all kinds of weather conditions
  • Miss Fitness, Mr Fitness models and body builders
  • CrossFit athletes
  • Public speakers

Anyone who has skin that they want to take care of should get some. Alitura clay mask reviews coming through from fans say things like: “Try it after a shave. #gamechanger” and “The next day, a co-worker walked past me, stopped, did a doubletake, and actually said the words, ‘What happened to YOU?? Your skin is luminous!'”

How to Apply The Clay Mask

Follow the instructions in the easy 4 recommend steps:

  1. First rinse and steam your face. Use warm water and leave your face wet. Add a 1:1 ratio of water and desired amount of Alitura (1.5 – 2 tablespoons) into a non-metallic bowl. Tip: Add less water than you think you need, and mix to a smooth, toothpaste-like consistency.
  2. Gently massage a thick layer of the mixture onto your face and neck. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and allow it to dry.
  3. When done, rinse the dried mask off using cold water with gentle circular motions from your fingers to help close your skin’s delicate pores. Avoid the eyes to limit irritation.
  4. Pat the area dry and add a moisturizer.

Special Tips

To achieve a more intense skin radiance, try adding essential oils like: clary sage, sea buckthorn, or lavender. Alternatively, try use apple cider vinegar (diluted if desired) instead of water in the rinsing phase to achieve the most intense skin activation you can get.

Alitura Clay Mask Ingredients

Alitura Ingredients ListProduct Ingredient List:

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Freshwater Pearl Powder
  • Grass-fed Bovine Colostrum
  • Rhassoul Clay
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay (French Green Clay)
  • Kaolin Clay (China White Clay)
  • Pyrophyllite Clay
  • Organic Kelp Powder
  • American Ginseng

What You Get:

1x Jar of Alitura (6.7 oz / 190 g)

There are also other products available and not just the mask. They are:

  1. Alitura Natural Face Moisturizer
  2. Alitura Anti-Aging Night Cream and Day Cream
  3. Alitura Revitalize – All Natural Anti-Aging Healthy Skin Supplement

Where to Buy

You can purchase as many tubs of this paleo, natural skincare product as you need from Amazon and have it shipped to your door for free shipping if you are a Amazon Prime customer. For other supplies of other Bulletproof recommended products from the online store, try use one of the Bulletproof coupons.

However, don’t just get this awesome product just for yourself to use it. Get it as a gift idea for:

  • Valentines Day for a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Mother’s day present for a special wife or mum
  • Fathers day gift for dads who also want to keep looking good as they age
  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas day gift to put under the tree from Santa 😉

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