Bulletproof® AirScape® Kitchen Canister Review

Bulletproof Airscape kitchen canisterAre you looking for the best solution for storing your Bulletproof Coffee beans? You need a convenient appliance to be able to store you premium coffee beans in order to help keep them fresh. Fresh coffee is key to being able to enjoy the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted.

The Bulletproof AirScape kitchen canister will help you take care of your precious beans. It will help you by storing your whole beans in an air tight container to protect the beans from oxidation. This means that this recommended AirScape canister helps to prevent the coffee from going stale and keeps a more stable humidity level.

Again, the fresher your coffee beans are; the better they will make your Bulletproof coffee recipe taste. Coffee beans exposed to air can spoil and degrade in their taste. To be able to preserve the freshness in your coffee beans and maintain maximum flavor for as long as possible you need to use an airtight container like the Bulletproof® AirScape® canister.


Here are the step by step instructions on how to use an AirScape kitchen canister to correctly airtight seal your coffee & food storage container.

Please Note: The pictures used below use the old lotus man logo. The new canister comes with the armoured dove logo.

  • Step One – Remove the lid put the coffee beans inside the AirScape canister.

Adding Bulletproof coffee beans to the airscape canister

  • Step Two – Put the black plunger lid on top of the canister & push down on the black lid to compress the contents. You’ll hear a whoosh sound as the air escapes from inside the container.
  • Step Three – Flip the handle down to lock the plunger lid in place to create the airtight seal.

Locking the airtight lid down on the airscape canister

  • Step Four – Place the clear, see through lid on top of the black lid to complete the process on how to store your Bulletproof coffee beans.

Airtight sealed Bulletproof Airscape container

In the following video tutorial you can watch how easy it is to create an airtight vacuum inside this recommended coffee storage container.


When you buy one of these approved Bulletproof coffee containers you will be getting an upgraded look for your kitchen counter. It’s simple, yet modern, metal design that will enhance any kitchen top surface.

However, the stylish design is just one of the benefits of using the canister. When you buy your official Bulletproof® AirScape® kitchen canister you are getting:

  • 1 x 64 fl.oz. Unit – 4 3/4″ base D., 7″H. (can hold 1 lb. of whole bean coffee)
  • Available in clean looking brushed steel color only
  • Comes with chrome finish with the official Bulletproof armoured dove logo
  • The patented black valve forces air out in one direction only
  • BPA-free
  • The clear top lid so you can easily see your contents, but it will not allow harmful ultra-violet light to reach the contents
  • The canister is made from restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel that is very durable
  • Durable construction resists staining as well as odor and taste transfer.
  • Ability to store items like: Upgraded™ coffee beansUpgraded™ CollagenUpgraded™ Chocolate Powder, Upgraded™ Whey Protein Powder or any other foods on the Bulletproof diet, cooking spice, herbs, powders, or paelo diet flours and nuts.

Being a coffee hacker you will understand how important decisions like the best way to store coffee beans is for your ability to enjoy the perfect cup of joe. Knowing optimal food storage techniques, tips & appliances to use will enhance your Bulletproof diet and lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Is a canister with carbon dioxide venting better than an airtight canister?
    Answer: No, carbon dioxide venting isn’t necessary since coffee beans will only release significant amounts of CO2 gas for a brief time immediately after they are roasted. This means that only if you are roasting coffee at home then immediately placing them in an airtight canister would be a problem with the expansion of gas.
  • Question: How do I clean the canister?
    Answer: It is recommended to hand wash only by the inventors, Planetary Design
  • Question: Can I store ground coffee in the canister instead of whole beans?
    Answer: Yes, it would be an ideal solution for storing coffee grinds you want to keep as fresh as possible.
  • Question: Can I store the Bulletproof cacao tea in it?
    Answer: Yes, if you prefer making Bulletproof tea then this AirScape canister is perfect for keeping loose tea leaves and ingredients fresh. Just like with coffee, tea freshness makes a difference in taste.

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