Bulletproof® GABAwave Review

Bulletproof GABAwave ReviewsThis is the brand new nootropic from Dave Asprey. It is the first batch released of his new brain supplement.

Nootropics are used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. No wonder university students, wall street traders, mathematicians, busy mums, businessmen and women and anyone interested in protecting their brain from neurodegeneration like nootropics.

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Bulletproof® GABAwave™ Nootropic: Why Take It?

This is a relaxing nootropic supplement designed to help focus your brain like GABA supplements, but even better.

It is better than traditional GABA because it can cross the blood-brain barrier and is made in the highly absorbable liposomal form of Phenyl Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (Phenibut).

  • It also has tranquilizing effects,
  • It can help reduce stress and anxiety,
  • It can help improve sleep quality.

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What is Phenibut?

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How to Take GABAwave™ Nootropic

Each Bulletproof® GABAwave™ ampule contains an individual serving that lasts up to 36 hours.

Suggested Dosage:

  1. Take 1 serving in the first half of your day,
  2. Best if taken in the morning away from food,
  3. Allow up to 36 hours before taking another serving.


  • 600 mg Phenyl-GABA (phenibut)

Phenibut Research Findings:

  • Shown to protect against diminished cognition after sleep deprivation.[1]
  • Shown to alleviate anxiety, fear, tension and depression.[2][3]
  • Neuroprotective and anti-amnesia actions.[4][8]
  • Shown to possess anti-oxidant properties.[5]
  • Proven effective against toxicity caused by alcohol.[7]

Read the warnings about possible drug interactions and side-effects with the other important information here first before taking Bulletproof® GABAwave.


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