Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Collagen Review

upgraded collagen protein powder bagYou need collagen. It is vital for the healthy function of your body including skin, bone, cardiovascular system, joints etc… Collagen is an essential protein that makes up nearly 1/3 of the total amount protein in your body. The traditional way we used to get this type of protein would be in our diet via bone broths.

Bone broths are making a big comeback in the paleo diet world for all the nutrient dense benefits they give you. However, what do you do if you can’t make a broth, maybe you don’t like the thought or taste of a bone broth? The solution is Upgraded™ Collagen protein powder.

Upgraded™ Collagen Protein: Why Take It?

Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Exec, gave a great, quick explanation in the video. He shares some of the benefits of collagen and the detail he goes into when looking to source the healthiest collagen you can.

Collagen helps form the connective tissue we need for our everyday living.

  • The arteries carrying blood around your body need good collagen in the walls of the artery to be flexible and repair any damage.
  • Pain-free joints have healthy cartilage which is made with collagen.
  • Youthful looking skin that is elastic and healthy relies on the best collagen you can get for anti-aging effects.

Your internal organs rely on this type of protein to work optimally:

Heart, eyes, lungs, spinal discs, blood cells, muscles, bones, liver, hair, joints, nails and more.

Why It Is The Best Collagen You Can Buy

There are different ways to process collagen and different types of collagen. Upgraded™ collagen is different and improved from normal collagen because:

  • It is hydrolyzed collagen
  • Sourced from grassfed beef that eats only in pastures
  • Beef that is ethically raised
  • Enzymatically processed to keep peptides intact unlike gelatin
  • Doesn’t clump in liquids
  • Doesn’t taste and has a neutral flavor

How to Take Upgraded™ Collagen

Bulletproof Coffee with collagenA major advantage when you get your Bulletproof® protein in a bag is convenience.

  • Add 1-2 Tbs of powder to your favorite hot or cold liquid like: Bulletproof® Coffee, iced Bulletproof® Coffee, Bulletproof® Whey protein drink, bone broth, soup or stew.

You heard how much Dave takes everyday, at least 1-2 tablespoons.

It is super important you understand that collagen is different to whey protein. You can put collagen in a hot drink like coffee or tea. DON’T PUT WHEY protein in a hot drink.
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Suggested Usage


Use it when you are traveling for business or leisure like a family holiday. Having an easy to store bag of Upgraded™ collagen protein will help you get the daily recommended amount of the best supplement collagen you can buy.

Use it when you are hungry and can’t find any good quality meat like grassfed beef or wild caught fish. When is it just not possible to buy good food to eat try adding extra powder to your meals or drinks.

Injury Recovery

Use it to help when recovering from an injury like a sports injury or car accident. Start taking it regularly to improve joint flexibility to help you move better.


Use it at night along with Upgraded™ MCT oil to help feed your body overnight to aid with getting a better nights sleep.

Weight Loss

Use it to help with during a weight loss program to lose the pounds and feel less hungry.

Brain Function

Use it to help give yourself better brain function by boosting your neurotransmittors.

Pregnancy and Birth

Use it when you are trying for a baby, whilst the mother is pregnant and afterwards when she is breast feeding or recovering from the birth. As recommend in the The Better Baby Book by Dave and Dr Lana Asprey.

Ingredients List

bulletproof collagen

The suggested serving size is 8.5g or 1 tablespoon of hydrolyzed collagen containing:

  • 7.6g of protein
  • 0.48g of sodium

Amino Acid Profile of Upgraded™ Collagen

Amino AcidGrams Per 1 serving (tbpn) - 8.5g
Aspartic Acid0.56
Glutamic Acid1.05

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