Bulletproof Vibe Review

Bulletproof vibe vibration exercise plateDo you want an easy to do, time-saving exercise machine that gives full body results?

Of course who wouldn’t.

The Bulletproof Vibe from Dave Asprey is a fantastic solution when you are looking to upgrade the way you stimulate your muscles and joints everyday.

You’ll find out how doing just a few minutes each day can give you loads of different health benefits.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Here is a list of some of the benefits when deciding why to choose a vibration machine like on the whole body vibration plate from Bulletproof.

Bulletproof® Vibe Review
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Time efficient exercise: need only do 15 minutes per day or every other day

  • Help stimulate lymph drainage in your body – think better immune system
  • Easily stimulate muscle fibres for more strength plus ripped definition
  • Help stimulate bone growth
  • Speed up recovery post-competition
  • Supercharge body weight exercises like: squats, abdominal plank, or push ups
  • Dave Asprey approved for Bulletproof biohackers

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Why Choose The Bulletproof Vibe?

Here are some product specs of the Bulletproof® Vibe that make it the best vibration exercise platform:

  • Optimal 30Hz Vibration – The motor provides a constant, stable speed of the optimal 30Hz vibration frequency, which is what you need look for when choosing a decent vibration machine.
  • Designed to Maximize the Transfer the Vibration Forces Up Into your Body – There are machines that transfer the forces into the ground and not straight up into you. You need the vibration force to go straight up into your muscles; this will give you the best workout results. The Bulletproof Vibe achieves this through four rubber mountings to isolate the standing plate from the frame.
  • Quieter – The rubber legs mentioned above help to make it a less noisy exercise machine compared to others than can sound like a jackhammer; not the the Vibe.
  • Therapeutic Relaxation Tool – You can use the machine for general relaxation after sitting  too long at a desk or being on your feet all day. It gives a refreshing feeling into your body, which is energising afterwards.
  • Strength Training & Conditioning – You can do a strenuous workout on the Vibe that will challenge your muscles. Adding in advanced static postures with added weights will get those muscle spindles firing to make muscle fibres grow bigger & stronger.
  • Built-in 15 Minute Timer – The timer will help you know how long to workout. Research shows that 30 hz vibration for 30 minutes or less a day is the optimal workout time.
  • Easy to Store Home Exercise Equipment  – Vibration plates can be very heavy and bulky! Not the Vibe. It is a compact vibration training plate that is easy to move around or to store upright out of the way after use in any room of a house.
  • Used in Health Clinics – Even some physicians, doctors, healthcare professionals and therapists use the Vibe in their own clinics. The have patients use the machine as part of their treatment plan.
  • Made of Steel – Some machines use soft components like plastic. This means they will wear out faster and not be as effective. The Vibe uses solid steel to make it’s robust for long-term usage. It will last you a long-time and look good too.
  • Made in America – The machine is produced in the USA, not a cheap import of any kind.
  • Affordable WBV Machine – Other high quality vibration machines costs can range between $3000 – $10,000+! The Bulletproof Vibe price is designed to make this type of exercise technology affordable to more people, not just gym’s.
  • *Lifetime Warranty – The lifetime warranty is on all parts except the motor, switch and connecting electrical lines. These all have a 1 year free replacement warranty.
Whole Body Vibration Science

Product Specifications

  • Size: US measurements (25″ x 24″ x 9″) or UK measurements (63.5 cm x 61 cm x 23 cm)
  • Weight: 93 lb or 42.18 kg
  • Amplitude: 4mm (peak to peak)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lb or 136 kg
  • Motor: 1,725 RPM
  • Frequency: 30 Hz
  • G Force: 0.2 – 0.3 G (dependant on users body weight)

Who Should Use Whole Body Vibration?

WBV training is perfect for people looking for time efficient workouts that are practical to do at either the home, office or gym.

  • Biohackers
  • Yoga or Pilates enthusiasts
  • Office workers
  • Stay at home moms & business workers
  • Anti-Ageing followers
  • Private Weight Loss Clinic
  • Proprioception Balance Training
  • Athletes

WBV Workout Tips


When you get your Vibe it will delivered directly to your door. Inside your delivery box you will receive an owners manual and user instructions guide.

Standard WBV workout routine would be:

  1. Switch the machine on
  2. Stand on the vibration plate with comfortable sneakers or tennis shoes.
  3. Stand with your knees slightly bent at 30º.
  4. Hold this standing squat position for at least 60 seconds.
  5. Exercise for no longer than the built in 15 minutes.
  6. Done.
Squat posture on Bulletproof Vibe
Basic Squat Posture Example

It is recommended to stand with knees in a slightly bent position to direct the vibration effect into your muscles and bones.

You’ll feel the difference when trying different angles of your joints. Some angles you might feel it in all the way up into your head, whilst others more in different body parts.

Advanced Users

You can definitely do more advanced workouts to up the difficulty level.

As you would have seen Dave in the video using the vibration machine with these special push up handles from Amazon.

Pushups is a great upper body workout for the chest, upper back and arms.

Some other advanced exercise routine ideas would be:

  • Hold extra weight like a kettle bell or a dumbbell for muscle growth
  • Hold a deep squat position for hip, knee & lower back mobility
  • Hold a one leg standing position for improving balance
  • Hold a plank position for a core abdominal workout
  • Hold a standing calf raise position for better looking legs
  • Hold a tricep dip position for stronger arms
  • Hold a deep push-up position for stronger pecs & biceps
One leg balance exercise on Bulletproof Vibe
Advanced One Leg Balance Posture Example

If needs, a personal trainer who has trained to use whole body vibration would be able to coach you on your Vibe to give you an even more personal workout session.

Where to Buy a Bulletproof Vibe

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The official Bulletproof Vibe is sold via the online store here.

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The US store is the official stockist and distributer of the machine. When you buy a Vibe via the official store you’ll get the backup of the support team at Bulletproof headquarters to answer any questions or product queries.

Occasionally there might be a special store sale that reduces the regular retail price. We let people on our Facebook Page here know when this happens. If you are looking for the cheapest price these are the best times during the year. You could also try a coupon.

Important shipping information to know is:

  • Ships within the contiguous US only
  • Cannot be shipped to P.O. Box Addresses, International Destinations, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.
  • Restocking fees apply to Vibe returns (Click here for returns policy information)

Unfortunately the Vibe is not sold on the international Bulletproof stores to the UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

Click the button below to go straight to the Vibe product page to find out more.

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