How to Use a Hario Ceramic Burr Grinder MSS-1B

Hario Mini Coffee GrinderBeing able to use a coffee mill correctly is important so that you get the correct kind of coffee grind for the type of coffee brewing method you choose to make your daily cup(s) of Bulletproof® Coffee. Today’s post is about the mini mill hand ceramic burr grinder from Japanese coffee and tea company, Hario.

In the following video watch how to use and clean the Hario coffee mill model MSS-1B. This coffee bean grinder is a great piece of compact coffee equipment for traveling on holiday or abroad for work.

Hario Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder

You can find the official Hario MSS-1B manual here.

Recommended Upgraded™ coffee beans to use in this type of manual coffee burr grinder would be the regular Upgraded™ coffee beans or Upgraded™ decaf coffee beans. This type of coffee grinder is great because it has a lid that stops coffee beans from flying out when your turning the handle to grind them. It is also perfect for putting in an overnight bag when away from home.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂

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