What is HeartMath Coherence?

HeartMath CoherenceYou probably have heard how Dave recommends that you should be improving your heart rate variability for better mental and physical performance. The one HRV tool that he has used for years is from a company called HeartMath® which Dave is also on one of the HeartMath advisory boards.

The Institute of HeartMath mention that when you use one of the HeartMath products like the emWave2® or Inner Balance™ Trainer for new lightning iPhone adapter and iPad or older 30 pin iPhone adapter that you are trying to achieve coherence. So what exactly is this state of coherence?

The HeartMath Coherence State

Dave first explains why you should be trying to achieve a coherent state between your heart and brain:

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Now get another look into why you would want to train coherence of your heart from HeartMath:

Coherence: A State of Optimal Function

An in depth article from HeartMath explains the science of coherence here.

The coherent mode is reflected by a smooth, sine wave-like pattern in the heart rhythms (heart rhythm coherence) and a narrow-band, high-amplitude peak in the low frequency range of the HRV power spectrum, at a frequency of about 0.1 hertz.

Heart Rate Variability Sine Curve

It is a state where the emotional and physical systems are in harmony, which produces a psychophysiological coherence that is measurable through heart rate variability.

In Summary: What is Coherence Training

Basically HeartMath coherence training is the ability to optimize the heart and brain connection. Through conscious tools like breathing techniques and feeling positive emotions you can see live changes on the biofeedback machine. This puts your nervous system into a better less stress state that has a positive effect on multiple other body systems. This is a brain biohacking tool that Dave recommends to his private executive coaching clients to help them control and reduce anxiety and negative feelings through using this easy to use biofeedback device.

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