How to Store Upgraded Coffee Beans Correctly

How To Store Coffee BeansFor the best results when making a cup of Bulletproof Coffee, or in fact any speciality coffee, you will want to store any coffee beans correctly to keep them fresh. When you grind fresh coffee beans you get the maximum flavor from your coffee bean investment.

So say you have just received delivery of your new 5lb Upgraded Coffee bean bag, how should you keep all those beans as fresh as possible in your house? Thankfully, Dave Asprey has provide his official answer as to how he stores his coffee beans at home.

Quick Answers:

  1. Small Amounts/Daily storage of Coffee – keep in an airscape canister.
  2. Large Amounts/Long-term storage of Coffee – keep frozen BPA free sealable bags in the freezer.

Storing Large Quantity of Bulletproof Coffee Beans

How to Store Bulletproof Coffee Beans


  • Keep beans in a BPA free sealed bag, [Try these bags with a Vacuum Sealing System]
  • Store the bag in the freezer,
  • Never open the bag straight from freezer,
  • Wait till frozen beans are at room temperature,
  • Keep the beans away from excess heat sources like right next to the stove top cooker.
  • Keep the beans away from excess light and in a cool, dark place using the Bulletproof Airscape Kitchen Canister.

Airtight Coffee Storage Container

Bonus Tip from Bulletproof Coffee Fans

If you ever want there is a large community of fellow biohacking fans over at the Bulletproof Forum. One of the best tips was this comment from Pizzabagel:

Keep 1-2lbs in the canister for daily use.  Vacu-Seal and freeze the rest in the BPA-free bags around 1lb at a time.  1 day before running out of the beans in the canister, let one of your frozen bags thaw in a dark cabinet for a day (you don’t want to open the bag if the beans are still frozen) – then throw those beans in your canister and enjoy.