Swiss Water Process: Best Way to Make Decaf Coffee

Swiss Water Process Decaf CoffeeThe type of coffee bean you use in your cup of Bulletproof® coffee makes a world of a difference in the way it will taste and how it will make you feel. For a long time Dave mentioned how he didn’t like decaffeinated coffee, because normal “poor quality” coffee beans, through the non-Bulletproof decaf process, could be prone to even more mycotoxin problems and your losing some of the health benefits that he enjoys in his morning cup of Bulletproof® coffee.

That all changed when the best way to make decaf coffee was blended with the best coffee beans to make Upgraded™ Decaffeinated coffee beans. The best way to make decaf coffee be able to achieve the strict Bulletproof standards is to make it without harsh chemicals via the Swiss Water® Process. Some recent research from Mount Sinai Medical Center showed how decaf coffee has health benefits. The paper was titled “Decaffeinated coffee may help improve memory function and reduce risk of diabetes.” and published in ScienceDaily, 1 Feb. 2012.

Decaffeination Technique

Some interesting facts about the SWISS WATER® Process are:

  • The method was discovered in Switzerland in the 1930’s, but is made in and uses cold filtered water from British Colombia, Canada.
  • Uses a mountain water decaffeination process not a chemical decaffeination process so you don’t get exposed to methylene chloride or ethyl acetate that are typically used to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean.
  • Is audited to produce 99.9% caffeine-free coffee beans.
  • In the US, decaffeinated coffee has a guideline that requires 97% of the caffeine to be removed from a green coffee bean, however, in Canada 99.9% is the recognized standard for decaffeinated coffee.

Ben Greenfield Coffee

Ben GreenfieldLearn why Ben Greenfield cycles between drinking decaf and caffeinated coffee.

Can you drink Bulletproof coffee everyday or should you take a day or two off every week? This was the question that was posed towards self-confessed biohacker and regular Bulletproof® coffee drinker, Ben Greenfield in his podcast episode 258 on iTunes. It is probably a common question that most biohackers starting out on the Bulletproof® diet would ask themselves.

Dave has said that his Bulletproof diet is a guide how to improve your brain and body performance you are free to play around, experiment and test your own data to see what works best for you. Ben gave a list of great answers to the listener of his show. In the mp3 audio clip below you will need to fast forward to 00:52:12 to hear Ben’s full answer. Ben’s final verdict is that YES You can drink a cup of Bulletproof® coffee everyday 🙂

Key Points Ben Mentioned:

  • Technically you can do Bulletproof® coffee everyday,
  • Competing athletes will want to keep sensitive to effects of caffeine,
  • Adenosine receptors in brain can be desensitised to effects of caffeine,
  • About every 2 months take 1-2 weeks off caffeine,
  • Drink decaf in the off week,
  • A good clean source of decaf coffee is Upgraded™ decaf coffee beans that use the swiss water method,
  • Benefits of decaf coffee are: increase blood to brain, good effects on decreasing risk of diabetes,
  • Decaf coffee beans have as many antioxidants as caffeinated beans,
  • Caffeine can inhibit mTor which is needed for protein synthesis post-exercise,
  • The question should be asking should you have caffeine or decaf coffee,
  • Prior to big sporting events Ben uses caffeinated Bulletproof coffee as a pre-ironman meal
  • It helps burn pure fat driven by caffeine across the blood brain barrier,
  • Ben uses Upgraded™ coffee as his preferred coffee of choice.

Hope you found this helpful in your quest to Stay Bulletproof 🙂

Decaf Bulletproof Coffee Options

Upgraded Decaf Coffee Beans
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You may have heard before how Ben Greenfield rotates between caffeinated and decaf Upgraded™ coffee beans for optimal physical and brain performance.

Well you are in luck because you have some fantastic choices when choosing the right Upgraded™ decaf coffee beans to use in your Bulletproof® Coffee.

Option One: 12 Oz Bag of Upgraded™ Decaf Coffee Beans great for those travelling or just for having some in case you want some decaf instead of regular.

Option Two: 5Lbs Bag of Upgraded™ Decaf Coffee Beans for those more serious about being a regular decaf coffee drinker.

Option Three: Decaf Bulletproof® Coffee Kit for getting the full Bulletproof coffee recipe experience with Upgraded™ MCT oil and decaf coffee

Option Four: Mixed Regular and Decaf Bulletproof® Coffee Kit if you want to be like top performing triathlete, Ben Greenfield, and move between regular and decaf coffee.

Stay Bulletproof 🙂