Bulletproof® Diet Travel

How To Eat Bulletproof Food At a Hotel or Conference

Bulletproof Diet TravelThe upcoming Bulletproof® diet book is going to be released in the not to distant future. You can actually read the first chapter for free so far.

If you have been following the Bulletproof Exec, Dave Asprey, then you will probably have an idea as to the kind of food he recommends you try eat to lower your mycotoxin mold exposure and help optimize fat burning and brain performance.

Some Bulletproof Diet Travel Tips

In the following video see what food Dave buys when he is traveling on the road for work or holiday whilst staying in different hotels in various countries around the world. This is what Dave actually eats when being over 100 days per year away from home. These are some tips to use in a restaurant if needs.

What you would have heard is that this was when Dave was in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW) presenting on brain biohacking.

  • Total grocery bill cost $120 for 5 days
  • 1x Cold storage bag with hotel ice to act like a fridge if needs
  • 4x Kerry gold butter will probably use about 3 in the 5 days
  • 2x Dark chocolate tarts from Hail Merry miracle tart chocolate for before bed
  • 1x Raw Honey jar to have 1-2 teaspoons before bed to improve sleep
  • 1x Crackers to use with the butter and salmon fish from Mary’s Organic Crackers
  • 4x Sliced Salmon packs
  • 2x Salmon fillets

Dave Asprey’s Breakfast

Dave Asprey’s Lunch

  • Conference lunch would be 1-2 salmon packs on a salad and using the rest of the grass fed butter from the morning.

Dave Asprey’s Dinner